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Let’s follow along the main quests: coral tribe - the tribesmen are starved like crazy. Kuga calls you over. It hasn’t rained for a while, none of the crops will grow. We must do something. Get your weapons and come with to see the elder. He’ll known what to do. You earned silver shells, experience, Coarse stone hammer (class warrior) - massive single target damage. Just tap and destroy. Equip the stone hammer to become a warrior.

World of Cavemen hack

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Thirst will make a person go mad before hunger. I heard the sea at Coral Coast is just about dried up. Go with Kuga to the Coral Coast and find some water. We won’t be able to last long if things continue like this. These aren’t normal times for the tribe. You need to grow up fast and step into your role as a full member of the tribe.

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The Boarino pet understand gratitude well for a beast. It seems he’s already taken to you. Pets are the best companion for human, treat it well. Let’s keep on searching for water!
Quest 2: The coral coast hasn’t been very peaceful lately. There have been monsters from other lands showing up here. There’s plenty of water here, but it’s all altwater. Why don’t you go up ahead and take a look, maybe you’ll find something.
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Quest 3: not a good sign, go over to Gogg’s and get some materials to fix the Tribal flag, before the tribesmen went into panic mode.
Open the perks UI. Claim your 7 day login reward: epic universal pet shard and pear juice. Allow push notification to earn a great reward and receive info about special events. Push reward can be claimed once per week: agate, exploration brush.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps:
  • Open treasure - tap to draw free pet (normal, fine, fancy)
  • Now low let's level up the pet. Tap train to open the feed UI. Select pineberry to feed your pet experience. Tap the cheat button to feed.
  • Upgrade your skills to enhance your fighting power.
  • Talent - focus fire: receive a damage bonus every time a skill is used that can stack up to a set maximum and lasts for 2 rounds. Each time a new stack is added, the round counter resets.
  • Changing your weapon type will automatically change your class.

World of Cavemen tips
Hack cheats tutorial World of Cavemen(wiki):
Upgrade all - tap to quickly upgrade all skills. Other classes and skills will unlock at level 29.
During the event, reach dauly top up targets to earn super rewards.
Use a rare universal shard to synthesize a pet. Epic universal shard - can be used as a material to star up epic pets, or cheat 30 to synthesize a random epic pet.
Mount provides lots of additional stats for your character. The more stars they havem the higher a percentage they grant, up to 30%.
Evolve codes - 6oVsrMo8Gx. Once their evolution meter is full, your pet and mount will gain a new star. This will activate powerful skills and attributes. Pet Macawnivore - are excellent fighters, and king of the forest. Macawnivore are also extremely loyal to their masters.
Liyote - when entering battle, gives all allies a physical attack bonus.
Sharkodile - attack 3 targets for 90% spirit damage. Gain drain when HP is below 60%.
World of Cavemen tutorial

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Code hBVdBAoBU7 unlocked your treasure puzzle. Claim the reward for the all pieces. Activate all puzzle pieces to win the final gift: enhance gear 3 times - eu8csOmvhd; complete the jungle panic instance - 3G4aJYaKW8; complete 20 chief quests - tvd7Nruhct; fight in arena. A completely new puzzle will be added everyday. Tap to view tomorrow’s puzzle.
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aSTrc3KkwB - Get a level 60 mythic weapon that can be equipped at any level. 8v5Y7l7cJq - get the only AoE drain legendary pet, sharkodile. World of Cavemen Activation code:
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