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How should i begin narrating this story. Alright, i’ll start with the story about the goddess. In the beginning there were two goddesses, Althea and Vestinel. Goddess Althea has created a bright and beautiful world. Ancient dragon and chaos dragon, the guardian of the world. The goddess has created a powerful ancient tribe, the elf of nature, and gave birth to life. Goddess ALthea who created a peaceful and harmonious world was highly praised by demodeus. But Goddess Vestinel has become jealous of ALthea.
She poisoned goddess Althea and escaped to the mysterious land. Goddess ALthea, who has been poisoned, fell ill and entered a long slumber. And our ALthea world was born from the dream of the goddess. However, the relentless attack by jealous Vestinel continued. She then created Beyond Dragon and sent it to destroy ALthea world.

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THe Guardian dragons fought to protect the world from beyond dragon and succeeded in driving the evil dragon away. Chaos dragon has fallen into evil and ancient dragon has used all of its remaining power.
Ancient and chaos dragon has fallen. The aura crystal which is the power source of the dragon has shattered and spread across the land. Time has passed. A fraction of the chaos dragon’s aura crystal that fall into evil has been reborn into a powerful dragon. The black dragon Karas is a great disaster. Humans stood no chance against it.
Me and Argenta, born from the power of ancient dragon transformed into human and gathered forces from all tribes to protect the world. Me and my allies whom have been called the six heroes traveled to the vallet where the dragon Karas has resided. We combined our power to fight with the dragon Karas.

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Characters: warrior - fights in the front lines based on his strong close combat abilities. Immense strength and health are more than enough to neutralize enemy’s defenses. An archer utilizes ranged attacks using a bow and an expert of physical movement through flexible body. An archer does not allow the enemy to approach with quick movement speed and various ranged attacks. Cleric - devotes protects and heals party members with high defense abilities and recovery magic. Though weak attack abilities, they can response to circumstances through various support magic.
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Sorceress - strong range damage dealers use elemental power and force to wipe out multiple enemies at once and magic to effectively support allies in battle. Slayer - swiftly attacks enemies with dual blades and throws multiple daggers with flying sword majestically.
Resurrection scroll - can be used with instant revival button when the character has died. Tircycle - a special trendy bike of the southern region.

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