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Welcome, captain! Let’s try some basic training. Your ship will auto lock the target. Fire to sink the enemy liner in front of you. Slide to the left to auto lock attacker on your left side. The enemy transport has been locked on. Face the opponent with your broadside to fire all guns. Well done! Now an enemy ship is found on your right. Slide to the right to auto lock and attack it. Launch torpedo to destroy the target. You are a born captain. Now we will learn how to move your boat. Move the transport to the point area by tapping the speed up code button.

World of Warships Blitz hack

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Let’s capture the point and win the game. Remember, teamwork is the key to victory in a match. So use each other. The higher the league level, the more rewards, gift box, crates and parts you get at the end of each battle. Now you will join a real war, captain! This is the last step of the training. Good luck on the battlefield! Sinking the enemy boat will gain experience and raise the profile level.

World of Warships Blitz cheats, hack codes

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If you’d like to see more information, tap on the boat blueprints. You can select countries on the left to see which transport are available for research. You will need to buy the ship using silver, cheat codes and gold after researching it. You can get more information by checking the details before you make a final decision. Switch tabs to learn more about different warships.
Ship tier list: Destroyer - the fastest in the fleet, destroyers use speed, stealth, and terrain to get into position and launch devastating torpedo attacks.
Cruiser - are equipped with guns of medium caliber. With good firepower, mobility, and AA defenses, they can take on any mission.
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Battleship - the overlords of the sea are like floating steel fortresses, equipped with massive main guns that give them unrivalled firepower. Aircraft carriers - launch bombers and torpedo bombers to attack distant enemies.
Premium ship cheat codes - the golden icon denotes a premium lainer. They start off fully upgraded. They earn bonus silver in battles. The initial purchase of a premium ship includes its ship slot. Even after the ship is sold, the slot if retained.
Elite boat hack - once fully upgraded, a regular ship becomes elite. An elite ship can select one elite attribute to improve its power. Premium are elite by default.
Trophy road - climb in total trophies to unlock rewards and reach new leagues. Tap the portrait icon to open the character interface. There you can check your medals and battle rewards. You can also change your portrait or your nickname. Remember to install your transport repair and attack control tools. use them if necessary.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
World of Warships Blitz tips
Hack cheats tutorial World of Warships Blitz (wiki):
Training camp - capture and keep control of the point to win match. Random battle - fight with and against random players from around the world. Co-op battles - fight against AI ships in cooperation with other opponents. Ranked tournament - complete with other gamers for ranks trophies. Campaign - inspired by historical naval events.
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World of Warships Blitz Hint: Zooming in can improve your accuracy. Double tap the fire button a full salvo from all loaded guns. Double tap the fire button to fire all guns. Secondary guns are not normally as powerful as main guns, but they can serve as a backup while the main guns are reloading or use code to instant reload.
You will need to learn how to aim at a moving target. Select cheats and load the supplies to improve specific attributes. You need to lad the supplies before the battle for them to be active. Do this after each battle or enable auto supply using the bottom left button. how and where enter
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