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A dark shadow arose and engulfed the world. War had broken out. The sword of damocles dropped, pushing humanity to the brink of destruction. But today, history changed forever. Falling stars rained down on this planet, plunging in into chaos. The old powers are dead. The power hungry are rising. And the flames of war rage on. War has changed forever. But history is still written by the victors. By us, by me!

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Commander! This base is yours. Let’s familiarize ourselves with it. Build a barracks to strengthen your base. Train troops at the barracks. Upgrade to unlock different types of troops and faster troop recruitment time. Use the free speed up code IEJV9nwba4 to complete construction immediately.
Food is an important resource for the development of our base. Build a farm to increase food output.

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The command center is our most important building. Upgrade it is of paramount importance! The hospital is also essential - it allows you to heal your wounded. There are multiple mines scattered outside your base. Dispatch troops to gather resources.
Your base - as it levels up, its appearance will become ever more impressive. Troops take some time to gather resources.
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Recommended missions guide us and help us develop our base more efficiently.
Join alliance for the first time to obtain gold. The following privileges are available after joining an alliance:
1. You can gather from super mines within your defense zone.
2. Rebels defeated within your defense zone may drop additional rewards.
3. You receive a 10% speed bonus when gathering from normal mines within your defense zone (excluding gold mines).
4. YOu can receive a defense zone reward daily.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • The higher your command center level, the more majestic your base looks!
  • Erect an army flag to expand the army's defense zone and earn more resources there.
  • Upgrade the hospital to raise your wounded capacity and healing speed.
  • You'll gain skill points every time you raise your commander level.

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Tech center - the technical core of a base. Research tech to boost your power. Upgrading different techs at the center will take you down different tree paths (base defense, development, military and resources). Get researching now and upgrade your forces quickly. Codes R3Hey9L3IF unlocks all additional construction queue. With it, we can construct multiple buildings simultaneously.
World on Fire tutorial

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As you know, the world is racked by chaos and combat. The rise of your base has drawn a lot of attention and your reputation precedes you. However, i am duty bound to remind you of your shortcomings and suggest focusing on resource production and training to keep strengthening our forces. We should also be wary of cunning enemy tricks and ally with strong, sensible commanders against malignant rebels. We are relying on your strategic mastery to carry us lockstep into victory!
World on Fire tips to repair
Participate in Pinnacle challenge and fortress war to earn emblem rewards. You can mange your emblems from the commander info menu. Equipping and upgrading emblems grants stat bonuses.
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