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Fallen gods and demons have stolen the summon stones that were kept in the Trojan kingdom, and they must come back quickly. Check the screen and press the skip button to summon e hero to help you. Summon allied race heroes to save the kingdom. Go to the world map and save the kingdom from the fallen demons. Servant of enemy have taken over the castle. Please recapture the Tro castle again. Heroes automatically attack enemies, help them to kill enemies quickly

World S hack

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You can move the world map, select dungeon level, and set battle options. Hero rebirth, hero change, weapon change - you can buy buffs to help with the battle. You can change the soldier at any time with the button. Gauges are charged when the hero uses the skill, and the liberation skill can be used at 100%. THe power stone window has a menu for mounting, compositing, and converting. Touch the enhance skill button to open the skill window and upgrade.

World S cheats, hack codes

Touch the armor icon to view and enhance the armor capability. All armor can now be upgraded when all armor is at its maximum tier. Heroes can’t gain experience by reaching the maximum level of their current tier. Resurrection scroll will automatically resurrect heroes during battle. Equipped with Power Stones in Hero Armor, you can grow your hero. You can level up your weapons with Relic Stones, and you can become stronger with the points you earn.
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Skill: frost shower skill strengthen - liberation skill damage per level increased by 1%. Dual sword specialization - increases physical damage by 1% agility per level. Natural hero growth the experience gained at each battle increases your hero's abilities. Collect materials to strengthen your armor to increase your hero's abilities.

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