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The peace talks have failed (unsurprisingly). And commander Blue finds himself surrounded...Tap on the rage tower to increase damage. Choose an enemy to attack first. Tap the health Tower to restore health. Drag minions to help hero. Tap the barrel to claim Boh and build more minions. Spend our Doh to build a bee squad. Defeat enemy hero to win battle! Collect hero cards to upgrade your truly.

World War Doh hack

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You get experience whenever you upgrade a card. Fill the XP bar and upgrade General. Making minions costs doh. Attack the commander to prevent him from taking the barrel. Now for our secret weapon. Place Rex’s egg and defend it. Get some Doh while the coast is clear. Shield hero while he get the goods. You jave been chosen by the commander, please try to stay alive.

World War Doh cheats, hack codes

Characters: major Fire - light up an area in front of hi, dealing heavy damage to everything inside. Chop Chop - an invisible killer that can deal very high damage. Healbot - heals your troops, one at a time. B. Mine - deals damage when it explodes. Catling gun - a turret that quickly damages enemies. Safety dome - creates a ground dome that absorbs damage from external attacks. A Bunch of Piranhas - robot legs make them fast. Teeth make them dangerous. Numbers make them deadly.
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Bee squad - their tiny wings are propelled by the tears of your enemies. A fragile but deadly flying troop that grows stronger as other members of the squad die. Piggy will only eat if we win. He hates losets. Fill him up then open piggy to get the stuff inside! We claimed a chest. Unlock it to get the rewards inside. Don’t want to wait? Use cheat code - you can skip the wait and get your rewards now!

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