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Game Story
Direct your attention to your wristbands. There's some cool text written there, right? How observant of you that's the essence of this game. What's displayed on your wristband is for someone else. Someone else's “task”. The first person to finish their Task will get a reward. For example, if person A finished their task before anyone else, then repson A, and only person A, will get a reward.
No one knows their own task, right? That's why to get the reward you have to get whoever has your show it to you. Or even take it by force. Even if that means, someone gets hurt.
World's End Club Hack Basics
Swipe left/ right on the screen to move character left/right. Flick up on the screen to jump. Jump to grab and hang onto objects of different heights. While hanging, you can either jump again or climb up by pressing in the desired direction. When you see an action icon appear, press the action button. The character will perform different actions based on the target object.
Collection has been unlocked on the pause menu. Pause the game to check it out.
Hint & Tips
1. The devices on your arms. They're called "wristbands". On the wristbands are "tasks" or missions that you have to do. But those aren't your own tasks. They're other people's tasks. And the person wearing a wristband with your task is called your "taskmate". The first person to complete their task is the sole winner.
2. The winner will be rewarded with a "magic key". The time limit is 1 hour. If there's no winner whentime is up, everyone loses.
3. Be the first player to reach the required victory points. Conquer cities and provinces to gain more points. Only infantry units can conquer territory.
4. Get more units: select and research a unit. Construct the buildings required by the unit in one of your cities. Start mobilizing soldiers.
World's End Club Get Characters
Reycho - nominal leader of the club. He always manages to figure a way out of a bad situation.
Mowchan - gentle and kind, he loves eating and cooking and tends to lose his way when he gets distracted by food.
Kansai - highly strung and emotional, he's always desperately trying to become like the leader he admires.
Vanilla - air headed and ditzy, she often says the wrong thing, so others tend to just ignore her.
Tattsun - well behaved to a fault, he is sworn to never breaking the rules. Also a massive fan of superheroes.
Nyoro - a logical thinker who's calm in a pinch. She shows her warmth when she's thinking about her friends.
Aniki - cool and tight-lipped, he rarely open up. As tough as he is with others, he's even tougher on himself.
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