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I have heard a little about you. Few people have such a high magical talent as you. But you also need proper training. In Andor in the future you will encounter countless difficulties and challenges. Angel academy will be the starting point of your journey. Believe in yourself, and sincerely wish you to be the greatest magician!
Angel Academy, founded by Filini vastream is a school that teaches all kinds of knowledge, art, alchemy, and various magical theories to all of Andor’s magicians.

Wrecking Dawn hack

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Especially important, is the teaching of how to use magic cards in actual combat. It serves as one of the cores subjects in angel academy. Now, as na apprentice, you will learn the basic skills of how to use magic cards, codes and hack cheats. In each turn, you may gain 1 mana by offering a card from your hand. With plenty of mana, you can use your cards to bet your opponent. Put the creature in an empty position on your defense line. Mana will auto recover every turn.

Wrecking Dawn cheats, hack codes

1. advgQ0 - level up
2. HOmPso - voucher
3. RIw7EC - shard
4. 5IJPCR - artifact
5. 5IJPCR - characters

Creatures will attack enemy in front. Characters can also protect you from damage.
At first, it is just a war of mount and tongue, we do not expect this situation to develop. Maybe because you got the first place in college, so Palafa is jealous of you? So far, a duel is inevitable. According to the college’s tradition, please elegantly use magical cards to win the duel! Palafa, the previous chief of college, is an arrogant guy. You must not take it easily. Full use of the cards in your hand and your wisdom, then give him a lesson.
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Use spell cards will enter spell area for temporary. Spells have a variety of uses. But the spell can only be used in your turn. Lightning bolt - deal 3 damage to target creature in defense line. Flash spell - similar to spell, but more flexible, can be used in the defense phase and give your opponent a big surprise. Chastise - deal 5 damage to target creature in battlefront. Cleave can only damage enemy on the battlefront, using it now is not a good idea. It is recommended to end this turn first, reserving mana to use the cleave in the defense phase. Cleave - deal 3 damage to all enemy creatures in battlefront.

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Since you are the best student in the college, it has been decided to let you visit the school hall of fame. On the road the professor tells you that the college often creates simulations of various physical combat by fabricating illusions. However, he goes on to emphasize how unsafe this process is...
Reveal - when the card turns from the back to the front, it triggers the special skills. Angel’s blessing - all ally creatures get +2/+2 till the end of turn. bDkvuX - epic deck
hBvSDj - evolve materials
MhqUYw - energy
9GwZB3 - legendary cards
Hack NKuKuI - artifacts
Cheat 4uOTbc - epic skills
HIahJu - elite ticket. how and where enter
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