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Ou Yang Feng is causing trouble in the Kung Fu world. Hunted by many honorable heroes, he has sought refuge in white camel mountain. The monk in the front is a tank, he has a special skill melancholic palms, can kill the tank immediately. Costume which is being worn by other character of the same class can be removed and worn by other characters of the same class. Some locked special costumes can only be bought and used if you have completed the conditions. Upgrade is available only after clearing certain dungeons. Play and clear the manual mode with more characters surviving to get more rewards. Be familiar with the skills and positioning in order to clear stages faster. Stage too difficult? Try to upgrade or transform your party assignment.

Wuxia Legends cheats android, ios hack codes

Wuxia Legends Condor Heroes –  hack codes
Buy and equip items to improve hero's power. Storm claw – use the power of thunder to attack all enemies, deal medium damage. Fire snake – summon a fire snake whip to attack the default enemy, deal a lot of damage and make the target burning for 3. Heng sword – summon a sharp sword to attack all enemies, deal medium damage. Red Sun – attack a certain enemy, stunning him for 1 turn. Drops – use the power of drops to attack the default enenmy, deal a lot of damage. Changing party set during each waves on dungeon play will make advantageous for obtain extra amount of rewards and clearing extra activity.

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 Wuxia Legends Condor Heroes  –  cheats secret bug
Click the frame to control the battle. Click an enemy to lock the target, if you don't use manual lock, the target will be locked automatically. Try to side from left to right, it can trigger total attack. Attacking enemy will get energy, you can use unique skill when the energy is full. Click soul ball to launch unique skill. Click hero recruit to get powerful heroes. You will get red hearts possibly when you attack which will restore your health points. The more you get, the more points you will restore. Click upgrade star to increase hero's base stats and growth highly. During the manual fight, if you change party assignment every round, it might help you to reach the higher achievement. The number of dices consumed depend on each dungeon.

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1. TaqqUobpde – advanced recruit
2. Nwm7GjsLZP – unlimited energy
3. j1sbv506P2 – silver coins
4. APLVTvJ4By - food
5. 7kGoHalL0s - evolve
6. rGX5Kcb5vT - gold
7. XaQVMKdYk4 – vip status

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