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What a thrilling battle! The shade of deathwing indicates the world is coming to an end. You are not qualified to know the secret of Deathwing! Deathwing's dark power has covered the world and creatures have turned rabid! Go show your power in the instance. Before that, recruit some partners in mystic altar. X-power: heroes
Warrior – a brave human warrior excelling at all-around defense. Mage – a small, wicked loli mage with considerable magic attacks. Archer – wandering jungle hunter specializes in physical attack and inflicting massice damage with his arrows. Druid – forest keepre, all round support, can heal all allies by summoning natural forces. You'll need some gear before you head out. I;ve told the mysterious merchant, find him and gear up.

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X-power: heroes it's important to pick a suitable hero as leader. Enhance your treasure: supreme skill, attribute, appearance! Using runes to ascend a hero to +3 and +10 will unlock hero's active skill, +6 and _+15 for passive skill. Novice guide – click here to help complete all quests. Altar – here are so many hidden treasure. Mystic altar is very powerful, you can get more partners and better gear. Remember that the altar offers free summon every day (or hac cheat code game). Click to enter, you'll find something unexpected. Click instance to battle. Cross server instance – team up to conquer new instance, fight with your teammate! Character active skill will attack the nearest unit, following attacks will focus this target.

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X-power: hack cheat
Equipment is divided into green, blue, purple and orange, wearing a full set will enjoy extra attribute bonus. Raise heroes level to enhance your battle power! Use skills and get perfect will grant 50% damage bonus, 100% for perfect x2! Give a lot of lokings to your friend then plunder him, it'll be fun. Honor can be gained through PVP, and can be used to upgrade character medal, and learing powerful ultimate skill.Every hero can equip 4 equipments. Click enhance to increase the equipment's attribute. Perform higher combos, this will affect skill damage.

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1. 5YMIbcV9la - Odin's gift
2. 0SQIXXUTDw - treasure
3. BfyOWPAdHV - runes
4. 7ZWVkzkTi9 – free vip
5. Rzff37TfYw – fortune wheel
6. sNnUkrCcE6 – gear package
7. MbHTZIuEoC - unlimited food energy
8. Rfi7nNTnZQ – diamonds gem
9. 8rJftHgk8H - honor
10. 9NZZKq2evO - character medals

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