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Free hack cheats tools, codes list (andoind/ ios), gift pass, New York City USA engine. Xcape Area Z cheat list: Ly6fTY - world search
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cAHQvj - workers
98sl13 - instant upgrade
ho4KfM - shield
xLhqHP - summon ticket
mQ6L71 - supply box
7hCjN7 - friendship points
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Warning, zombie invasion. As more and more zombies approach, we need to upgrade the wall as soon as possible. But we need to upgrade the HQ first. You can reduce the construction time with free speed ups. The higher VIP levle you are at, the more boosts you can use.

Xcape Area Z hack

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The HQ has been upgraded. Now we can upgrade the wall. Bad news, some barbaric survivors are building stronghold outside the shelter. We need more troops to cope with the threat. Build barrack to train troops. Barrack are where troops are trained. Upgrade them to unlock new troop types and increase the amount of troops trained. In the beginning, barrack gave the weak a chance to survive. Just soldiers are not enough, you need heroes to lead them.

Xcape Area Z cheats, hack codes

Try your luck in the hero tavern to see if you can find some heroes. I heard that there are strongholds occupied by barbaric survivors outside the shelter. Go wipe them out now. The army is on their way. Let’s go back and wait for the good news. Time is precious during the apocalypse, hurry up and develop our shelter now. You can follow the quests to develop your shelter. Build farms - farms are where food is produced. Upgrade them to increase yield and storage capacity. Besides food, we also need wood to build houses. Let’s build a sawmill first.
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We need more new techs to arm ourselves. Maybe a lab will be a good choice? Seriously, some of the survivors have got good brains. The academy is wehre scientific and technological research take place. Upgrade it to accelerate research. I think our top priority is to get more resources, so i told them to develop the resource tech. But we can’t just ignore other techs. We gotta drop by from time to time. Recruit workers to activate a temporary second queue and vip can activate the temporary forever.

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7 PLmv3q month card
8 PtgBBu premium pack
9 8JGUjl legendary gear
10 hFWFOj vip ticket
11 Pprvhw gear pack

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Az3GWQ - supply box
kFjk4u - treasure chest
bZDkt1 - multiplayer
sBC7A6 - vip status
J32pj9 - star tokens
Hack 37bEdi - artifacts
Cheat TFWiW5 - evade
WbBQMi - elite ticket
TnNZXX - exchange cheat code

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