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Welcome commander! I’m Cheat-on, your chief of staff. I am sorry to bring this up right away, but we have received a distress signal from an operative in the Hot Zone. We must assemble a squad and deploy a rescue effort immediately. Tap the recruitment vehicle to hire operatives. Recruit more units to fill up your ranks. Upgrade recruitment to get access to higher level recruits. There are three available right now. Go ahead and drag them all into the barracks. We need to deploy the rescue team immediately! Tap the helicopter to assemble and deploy a squad.

Xenowerk Tactics hack

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Map - this is an overview of the Hot zone. I’ve marked our only available safe zone where i can land. Tap on it to deploy a squad. Time to compose your squad. Drag all those operatives into the helicopter slots. Not like you’ve much choice right now, but later on keep an eye on that harmony meter. Some operatives just don’t get along. The distress signal originated from the marked location on tha map. There’s no time to waste, head over there and search for the MIA operative. Good, you’ve planned the route. Now tap again to start moving.

Xenowerk Tactics cheats, hack codes

1. LCkXT9 - level up
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Double tap anywhere to move the squad. Now move a single operative, drag from an operative to a destination. Excellent, let’s find a way out. Use ranger skill, recon, to locate the evacuation zone. It also shows hostiles. Operatives can not attack while moving. You can stop and fire by tapping halt button. You can use hack cheat codes and tactical pause at any time to issue orders in peace. Then just hit the play button to resume the action. Just move everybody into the evacuation zone so we can leave. Luckily, we’ve got medevac insurance! Any found MIA operative is directly brought back to base camp. However, the rest of the squad has to make it back to a safe zone on their own accord.
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The rescued operative is in bad shape and has suffered severe trauma. Hurry to the field hospital or use cheat code. Wounded characters can get treatment and care to be brought back to fighting shape. Upgrade to get more space and better care. At the current hospital level one trauma is treated each day.
Commander center - here you will receive messages regarding mission objectives. Read the message from the management and claim your reward. We must deploy one squad on an expedition each day. There are always new safe zones to secure or various side missions to complete.

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Upgrade weapons and armor to make operatives more efficient in the field. Upgrade the structure to get access to more advanced gear.
it has come to our attention that the “experimental zone” may still hold materials viable for furter lucrative developments. Gather biological samples and send them to offshore labs. If you succeed the operational budget will be increased. 1rceQ9 - camping gear: supplies for one campsite. Unable to use in swamps.
kOeo8r - sentinel: can prevent one campsite attack
v4GnJH - machete: useful for cutting through tough vegetation or slicing mosquitos.
FCK4Z6 - rope: allows you to traverse steep terrain and provides extra safety in precarious situations
Hack 7SzYrG - artifacts
Cheat B8ra0W - mutagen blockers: experimenta; medicine to reduce immediate exposure effects
VHHrPe - elite ticket. OUUBeq - exchange code
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