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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Xoli's Adventure TD Strategy Cheats
10 medals - use hack #bAFgEEc3m
modules - enter pass #8i45ZIw02
1000 gems - #vcDM3zv1f
50 power items - #zK49EKAqK
restore Energy cells - #VaCfMeP5F
premium mech - #DtSD6N1Dr
1 Month Card code - #MNAVE3vv0
upgrade cheat - #nygJw7oUG
unlock abilities - #fYhmFlc9D
weekly gift bag - #FsiXFAIRO
secret combination - #OSnLrAlJl
level up - #5EjTydLkp
artifact - #klEyuVktz
legendary tower - #a9CNwIIPg
special reward - #lGhxYlKYk
How & Where enter
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Xoli's Adventure TD Strategy Story
I'm a cyber dog travelling through space with my friends Max and Alice. We were heading home, when suddenly our ship was shot down by weapon of a nearby planet - Naru. naru was operated by an artificial intelligence - mainframe. Since it was using weapons, it had to go rogue. Mainframe has hacked our systems and is producing strange robots, collonysts call insectobots.
The ship landed near a giant crystal. My recon probes discovered spider like insectobots heading this way! They had to be sent by mainframe.
Hack Basics
Workshop is in good shape and my walking machine is fully operational. Let use it to stop enemies. We should also find Max and Alice. They must be somewhere around. There are remainings of old colony installation around - those are placeholders we may use to build turrets. First type of turret is working already. I will try to make the other working as well.
My machine has a remote rocket launcher. You may choose where you want me to fire it. Just beware for it reloads quite a while. List of power items - it will be active once we start the battle. You should build your turret. Click a placeholder, then select turret type and accept.
Hint & Tips
1. Push play/pause button to start the battle. Let's build more turrets and let's show them.
2. We gained experience necessary to upgrade towers.
3. We also managed to collect gems used to buy power items. As well as modules used to upgrade mechs.
4. Resources - we will use them to improve our defense. Energy cells - they power our battle console, so at least one is required to start a mission. Loosing a combat means loosing an energy cell. We have a unit which is able to produce them.
5. Go to tech lab to make some improvements.
6. Moduls are used to build new mech weapons. Push workshop button to make some improvements.
7. Power items are very usefull in battle. We can buy them from Natu merchant in shop using gems or cheat codes. Push power items button and buy some.
Here we may reconfigure our mechs or build new weapons using modules collected. This is the list of available mechs. The workshop will get croudier as soon as we will find Max or Alice. Xoli - this one is the best mech ever. My own! You can rotate it or walk it around. These are weapons that can be attached to my mech. Currently only the most basic are available. Build button shows the costs of a weapon. We have sufficient modules to build a machine gun. Use the button to build weapon.
Patch Version
Xoli's Adventure TD Strategy Redeem gift code
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Hack Release Date18 September 2020
Last Modified18 September 2020
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