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The dimension rift that occurred a long time ago, brought heteromorphic creatures into this world. People called these creatures from another dimension. The mercenary’s intern members, the Night watcher. Under the lead of the leader of the mercenary Fire of phoenix, Phoenix, are spending time on training to become a great hunter. If you press the auto battle button, we’ll handle the enemy instead.


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Through cross training, you can place human in Yokai group and Yokai in human group. Cross training requires Yokai study item. Yoma has the main stat of power and play the role of defense. When the battle begins, He face the enemy at the forefront and protect allies. Depending on the character you fuse, the fusion skill changes and can be used in battle. Fusion skills are useful depending on the battle situation. Increases the human group character’s stats. According to Yokai group character’s fusion rate, stats of human group character is increased.

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Yoma - main stats is agile, and she play the attacking role. It’s a role of attacking the enemies from the back and knocking them down while Yoma in the front keeps the enemies at bay! The character placed in the group can be fused into a human group character located at the top during a battle, and the fusion state will be maintained until all fusion gauge is used up. Depends the increasing stats on the fusion rate of a group character and when reinforcing the fusion rate of Yokai group hero, the stats growth increases.
Adventure dungeons can be entered by pressing the adventure button or by pressing the dungeon shortcut button. Collect and grow human group that battle directly and Yokai group that are fused and help human group. At character evolution, rarity (stars) increases. Evolved characters increase their stats increase amount from level up. And remember, the night watchers provide appropriate rewards when the members complete their missions. It’s a great way to boost morale.

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When organizing a team, it’s not a bad idea to properly deploy various roles. Touching a character portrait during battle will move the center of the screen to that character. Creates additional HP to fight longer, when fusing guarding spirit onto Yoma (defense type character)! Find fun combinations like this by yourself! DVDoqL - supply box
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Defensive characters have passive that reduces the damage they take from basic attacks. The higher your character’s rareness, the higher the damage reduction rate. how and where enter

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