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Free cheats tools, codes list (andoind/ ios), redeem pass. Yeager cheat list, hack: 1. jNyMmSl8 - unlock sets
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3. Enter hack 1QyBdFUd - restore health
4. Pass jvIRdMXM - arena mode
5. eFR1wiDE - unlock abilities
6. Enter CYoJbzTm - increase stats
7. D2T3ja6a - boss stage
8. QU2EVnNG - version 3.6
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Sets: Swamp trekker - a set of leather armor crafted from Mawgorg’s hide and spikes. Allows the wearer to walk unhindered in the marshes and swamps.
Tyrant’s legacy - in ancient times, Ulrok hunters felled a legendary beast and crafted its remains into powerful armaments for their greatest warrior.
Scavenger’s Malice - crafted with Bile Crawler’s body parts. this armor emits a vile aura that keeps monsters at bay.
Storm hunter hack tools - a set of armor commissioned to commemorate the defeat of a calamitous beast that rode violent gales and thunderstorms to wreak havoc across the realm.
Duelist’s pride cheats codes - an enigmatic set of armor that proves your triumph over the legendary hunter that resided atop the Champion’s peak.

Yeager Weapons: vortex smasher - forged with armor SLoth's impenetrable scales. Its powerful strikes generate shockwaves that causes weaker creatures to flee.
Mace of Avarice - a cruel weapon littered with razor- sharp fangs. A direct hit from this weapon inflicts a horrific wound that resembles a bite mark.
Aphid's bane - a cursed weapon that is as dangerous as its malicious design. it's said that this weapon can inflict curse upon its target.

Yeager cheats, hack codes

Skills: vortex surge - send a strong gust straight ahead, inflicting stun of the first enemy it hits. Recoil evasion - blast a wave of energy forward, the player is pushed back by the recoil of the blast. Kalla blots -launch sets of bolts that explodes on contact, dealing a small amount of damage to all nearby enemies. Aether cloak - slip into the aetherial dimension to negate the next attack you receive.

Stage: Bile Crawler - there are many treasures hidden deep within the forest, closely guarded by fearsome beasts. if you insist on venturing into the unknown, keep an eye out of the Bile crawler queen - this vicious insent will hunt its preys with venomous traps and its many drones.
Arkadion - a ceaseless thunderstorm forbodes the arrival of Arkadion - a winged apex predator that paralyzes its prey with electricity before tearing them apart with its razor sharp beak and claws. Kill this beast and end the storm before it wrecks our town!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Use cheats E0Zr6dsC - increase stats, weapon upgrade, abilities, secret rooms, boss stage.
  • 2. Kalla arts can be used when you have sufficient KP (kalla points).
  • 3. Pit your skills against 4 highly challenging marks with unique movesets and attack patterns, with more to come soon!
  • 4. Gift redeem codes obtain deluxe pack:
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  • 5. Summoned by Bardryr, Sunnor first descended on Ekor during the 3rd devourer war.

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