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Now that you’ve come of age, i’ll give you mu kitchen as a present of your 180th birthday. Run it well. Don’t let Grandpa down.
I’ve travelled far to get to the adress on the letter. To the right of the second rabbit grass, on the south side of sierra turtle. This building is nothing like the one described in the letter.
So you’re the new boss. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. COme here, my sweet boss. We’ve got a lot of work to do.

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Through the broken door i entered the restaurant. The inside was even worse.
It’s oj, no need to worry. I’ll help you run this business. Together, we’ll make this place great again. Here’s a copy of operations 101 left by the previous boss. You can have a look. First, select a recipe to study. The skills of chefs will affect the success rate of studying recipes. Put the dish on the menu and we can open for business. Please assign a chef first and then set the menu.

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Duration: how long the restaurant will run itself. Quests would “like” the restaurant when they are satisfied. Rewards - collect XP and coins from here. The more popular your place is, the more rewards you will receive.
What’s lesson of operations? one of the fundamentals of a restaurant is food materials. What do you do when you run out of food materials? You can fight the Foodimons in the spirit realm to get resources. There are many materials and recipes in spirit realm.
Yokai Kitchen wiki
Let’s review some key points of running the restaurant:
1. Explore the spirit realm for food materials and new recipes.
2. Upgrade the menu and assign staff.
3. Cater the the preference of the clan to increase your popularity.
4. Become the most popular restaurant in the whole spirit realm.
You can improve your restaurant step by step based on the quest.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • When there's no preferred dish on the menu, or when the preferred dish is sold out, the quest would leave in discontent.
  • After you level up your restaurant, you can increase the floor space of the restaurant and the upper limit of tables and stoves allowed.
  • To activate large quantity of food materials, head to farm, or go explore the stages in spirit realm.
  • If you're complet all the quests in the first stage, you can claim the reward: summon scroll.
  • The restaurant decoration, the staff's social traits, the star ratings of the dishs and the cooking skill of the chefs would affect the quests' mood points.

Yokai Kitchen tips
Hack cheats tutorial Yokai Kitchen(wiki):
The higher the star rating of the dish is, the higher the price and the review will be. The skills of chefs will affect the success rate of studying recipes. To acquire large quantity of food materials, head to farm, or go explore the stages in spirit realm.
Purchase to get premium, pass valid for 30 days: food materials yield bonus increased; coins earnings bonus; 2 more daily chances to free stamina; increase ryder’s orders daily for free; unlock custom avatar instantly.
Yokai Kitchen tutorial

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Cat Moonbell - insufficient skills will affect the success rate. The higher the skills are, the higher the success rate will be.
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