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1. DckI5MTNRZ - level up 2. bqbU1McstV - awaken 3. qvbhO7FInX - upgrade 4. YGKNJmFNR2 - UP point The enthronement ceremony of Emperor began, with the company of the grand master of Chongxu temple in mount Taishan. All of a sudden, a rift cracked in the sky. Endless demons and yokai gushed out, and the altar became full of dead bodies in a snap of fingers. Emperor and the taoists of temple vanished in the midst of chaos. Evil demons roared to victory. The Eight demon master are back now!

Yokai Spirits Hunt hack

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Inside the green cells are friendly units. The red cells - enemy. THe blue area indicates your range of movement. The red arrow points to the character’s attackable area. Click the hero’s cell and drag to perform an ATK move. Combo strike will be triggered when the two character’s attackable areas overlap.

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1. pN6MUguo9D - mystery items 2. cztKE0ev9B - increase damage 3. 92TlqEEa5e - off cooldown meaning 4. bLz99pktWP - SSR demon 5. dD2Kb2YcwG - soul

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Move with the joystick on the lower left. You can choose to accelerate or use auto fight mode according to your preference. Learn how to get new hero from summon: each summon will get beans. Daily summon - once everyday. Hack summon - soul, amulet and penta. Each summon will get up point. The more up points, the higher chance to get SSR demon. After obtaining SSR hero, up point will reset to 0.
Yokai Spirits Hunt wiki
The character has an invisible range of exploration. Move the unit close to the item. Click any space on the screen to pick the item. Battle start: aggressive - enters the fight when caught up by hero. Passive - click on the screen to actively trigger the fight.
Creatures in the world are divided into immortals, ghosts, demons, fairies and us, humans. They can support and be against each other. Therefore, they can definitely devour each other. Each creature comes with its own stats. In fact, demons devour each other to absorb the attributes of other creatures.

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11 f09jCmuTTV stamina

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Hold press the character to view its stats and buffs.
  • Double tap on the hero to attack from current location!
  • The red grids indicate attack range.
  • Attack range will increase when characters is evolved to grade 3.
  • New skills will be unlocked after evolve.
  • You can upgrade rapidly in 99 tower and gain sacrifices for evolve.
  • Demons can increase ATK, ghosts can increase DEF and Fairies - HP. Immortals are very tasty and can increase critical range. Click Devour to enter. Select the Yokai or tiem to be devour. Attribute and experience increased greatly.

Yokai Spirits Hunt tips
Hack cheats tutorial Yokai Spirits Hunt(wiki):
Learn about equipment and one touch equip to wear equipment quickly% click empty equipment slot, select item, click confirm to equip, one touch can wear the one-touch button.
Explore the unknown world and clear all stages.
Assign and fight mighty spirits.
Summon and evolve unique heroes. Admire stunning ink painting art style. Defeat and win PvP battle.
Yokai Spirits Hunt tutorial

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Abandoned ancient temple - the deserted village by the River has a temple with an underground shrine. Rumor says there is treasure hidden inside the shrine, which a few years ago attracted a group of tomb raiders to ransack this place. But once they entered the underground, they never made it back. The fine gear of the raiders can still be found in the village.
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Taibai Temple - this temple been standing alone in the middle of the snowy land. Due to the long history, nobody knows the original owner any more, except that it is now occupied by the Fox Ladies. According to the traveling merchants who passed bym these cunning Fox Ladies have buried lots of goodies across the snowfield.

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