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Oh no! The men of the devil king, Ghana have captured Sakurami village flee! Please go and support now! I have arrived to give you a hand. I can maintain your transformation for a short time, rest assured, those without physic power will not see your wings. I heard that the monsters were in chaos everywhere. I did not expect even such remote village to be attacked. Looks like Saburo can only do so much, but there is a repel curse hidden in the shrine, perhaps it can slow down the attack.

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The spell is only a delaying tactics. The shrine is temporarily safe under the protection of the boundary. But the unarmed villagers are even more dangerous. I will safe at here for the time being, help to guard! he is chasing the monsters that sneak into the village. Remember to bring me along to mob grinding and PK. Cross the platform in front will be the cliffs between the village and Dojo. However, the hidden traps of the cliffs have not been used for a long time. It is opened! The time for the mechanism to take effect is very short, we must jump over the rising carp flag quick!

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We have finally sealed Komachi, and completed all the trials of Sakurami village. Check out the reward of this chapter before continuing the adventure! Level rush rank, get limited edition unique rewards. Items marked with limited can be claimed while stocks last.
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Characters tier list: Spirit beauty - remains spiritual and does not dive deep. Soul master - see through the hustles of world. Peace at heart after experiencing wonders. Miko - attack inherits character CP, the more it is cultivated the higher its attack. Game description: Japanese style MMORPG, start studded voice cast. Stylish costume, weapon and treasure rock your unique style. Together with your partner, create your story here! SSR Mitama index! Collect the full set now! Let’s defeat Ghost king, i sorts of monsters are awaiting!

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To celebrate the lunch of new server code, we will have a whole state of events lined up and rewards to be given. Login and get Eievui - after server launch, login the game for 2 days to get a rare mount, Eievui, and bring good luck home.
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