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The world will be ours finally. We must seize every second. There are so many competitors. Only few will be winners. When the master first brought you back to the sect, he told us that you lost your memory. We grew up together but i think your heart was still out there. I heard there were a lot of casualties from the war 10 years ago and your parents were killed too. If you decided to get involved in the martial world, i worry that something terrible will happen to you.

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Your weapon is completely worn out. Help Blade elder sharpen his old weapon. It is currently on the Wartomb. I’ll just pretend i didn’t see anything. In order to enter the martial world, you must pass the trial set by the master and the elders in the west suburb. Are you ready for the quests up ahead? If you decide to enter the martial world, there are a lot of things beyond your control. You must do things in the righteous way.

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Dungeon info: 150 seconds for you to enjoy killing monsters alone, earning a large amount of gold. Kill as many monsters as possible to earn experience. Complete daily quests to earn activeness. With enough activeness, you can collect offline cards. From level on, you can grind online/ mediate to earn experience easily without spending anything. Skills: Fluxay flurry - when there are 4 or more monsters nearby, skill damage increases by 20%
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Note: in every zone of a boss, you can gain experience from grinding once every 10 seconds. You may use set stones and gears of the same grade to activate the corresponding set, augmenting stats. After joining in a guild, you can exchange gear with guild mates to get gear easier. Every day extend your offline grinding duration to 20 hours to level up easily.

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