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You’ve reached Xuanbo Faction. Shen Di and the two large factions in the martial society have been on a tight rope. The small clans can not possibly pay attention to their own moral uplift without thought of others at all.
Remember, each relic attributes can permanently attached to the character. The martial arts realm increases the damage ability / additional effect of martial arts by percentage. The system that can grow will be marked with a red dot, click character to check it out.

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Legendary gear (soul tracking, relic blueprint) - obtainable by combining soul fragment. Also obtainable by drawing prizes in the universal vault. Fire dragon sword - obtained by completing the level 8 immortal weapon quest. Legendary tier list: sky shatter bow, overlord ghost face, soul flower, voodoo stabber, moon eating wolfslayer, ice jade scepter, hexad demonslayer, fire Kylin, plumecloud balde, fireflow windflyer. Mount tier list: spotter tiger, mecha robot, frost sword, lion king, snow leopard, cloud dragon boat, white pond, fireplume magpie, A Bao, floating Dill, exquisite Kun.

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1. 2fpQOi - level up
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Pets tier list: snow condor; Totoro - gather Toroto’s soul to summon it, or acquire it from universal vault; hellfire dragon - obtained after 100% proficiency in using immortal weapon “fire dragon sword”. FengBao Zhui - gather cheat code to summon it. Snow tibetan wolf - can be summoned using enough souls of small tibetan wolf or drawn from universal vault; turtle luck - achievement gold coin exchange; snow ape king - can be summoned using hack; boxing cat - a kitten that loves boxing. It packs a punch despite its small size. It has a short range and high DMG. Can silence, leech and increase enemy DMG taken; tummy bear, uncle quian, nine-tailed.
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Characters tier list: bladesman - breach and storm in front line. The front-line warrior with high DEF and high HP. Swordsman - no one can survive under his sword. Deliberate in thinking, prompt in action. A swordsman who must kill enemies upon taking out his sword. Spearman - battle in blood and vener retreat. A great warrior who can often save the day. Archer - move and shoot, killing enemies with dancing steps. A talented archer who can kill enemies thousand miles away. Doctor - healing the teammates and killing enemies. A supreme doctor who can save or kill lives by own will.

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Split wave - strike 3 targets in the rectangle, causing basic damage and reducing their control resistance by 20%. Wild charge - charge forward, dealing base damage to enemies in the rectangle in front. If any target is hit, increase critical damage by 15% over 5 second.
m9725g - infuse weapon
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