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ZENONZARD Game: welcome to Beholder group Headquarters! In rank match, you can fight fellow concords from all over the world. We’ve prepared this deck for you to use this time around. Your Buddy AI will also be there to give you advice, so relax and have fun! Battle rules - rank matches play by cross battle rules. Your buddy AI will use the same deck as you. Rank & elements - every player has a rank. Aim for the top and collect element from matches to raise your rank!


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Your Buddy AI’s level cap increases as your rank does. When you’re ready to move onto the next class, you must win your next battle. Matching - tap this icon to have your buddy AI find an opponent for you. During battle, your AI can give you advice about your next move, if you are unsure of what to do, ask your AI! Tap and hold to cycle auto mode or tap mode. Tap to remove advice from your screen. During your turn, you can use neutral mana as mana of any color to summon field minions.

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All your mana return to the active state at the end of your turn. All your minions that are not tokens return to the active state at the end of your turn. During your turn, you can use neutral mana as mana of any color to summon field minions. On your opponent’s turn, your minions with a cost of 5 or lower cannot be selected as targets for the effects of your opponent’s minions that are on the field.
Battle reports are put together by a data analysis AI from beholder. Group and report how your battle went. Good turns make the graph go up, while bad turns result in a decline. Building a deck: editing cards - drag up to build your deck! Each deck needs 40 cards. Selecting forces - you can change your force too. Tap here to move to the change force page. Press and hold a card to bring up that card’s details. You can choose to break or create, a card in the card’s details. Breaking a card will convert it into spirits. These spirits can be used to create new cards.

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