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A virus created by the military has turned nearly all humans into zombies. The virus mutated and created both walking corpses and extremely strong and smart zombies, the mutants.
One of the mutants, known as the Elder, became the leader of the army of zombies. Right now, he is assaulting the human survivors’ Shelter.
The Shelter commander has died in battle. The horrified dwellers are asking you to take charge of the defense before all is lost. Residents are terrified and ask you to lead the defense until it’s too late.

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Please take command! The fighters are ready for the decisive battle! We’re one step away from defeating the virus! But the zombies have found out about our work somehow and have come looking for us. Commander, please focus on pressing matters for a minute! Our SHelter has been damaged severely. Will you allow us to start restoring the barracks? I think our combat readiness is what matters most now. If we promise the workers some bonuses, they’ll do everything in an instant!

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Barracks - this room allows you to create a battle squad to launch attacks or defend your base. A fighter without weapons is worthless! Let’s pick up something from our stock. It’s time to scout our surroundings. The zombie army that was assaulting us has retreated, but there are still lots of walkers nearby. They’ll be a threat to our Shelter until we eliminate them.
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Now that there are more of us, we need a more spacious dining hall. I suggest we speed up construction to prevent the dwellers from starving. I’ve studied our dwellers’ professional inclinations and found out who can help our common cause and how. We have a volunteer willing to work as a cook at the dining hall. One more person has volunteer to work at the print shop. I checked his reliability. We’ll need more cash if we want to build up our Shelter.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Remember to build new rooms and upgrade the existing ones.
  • When you begin upgrading the room, all actions being performed by the dwellers will be interrupted.
  • Experiment with fighter equipment. This can help you complete missions and survive PvP confrontations.
  • Have your dwellers give birth to offspring in the living room.
  • If there are dwellers in a room that is being built, they reduce times required for construction or upgrade.

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  • Upgrade the command center to unlock new rooms and upgrades.
  • Remember, your efforts will always be rewarded based on merit.
  • Level up your warriors in the Gym. Fighters get stronger each time they gain a new level.
  • Use hack cheat code and give annihilator starter pack: a fighter wearing epic armor, an additional worker, tons of cash, and much more!
  • You can change the other of rooms by using the room editor in the command center.
  • Pay attention to your warrior's gear. Also, you can improve their combat skills in the gym.

Zero City tutorial

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The dining hall produces food to support your troops. A refrigerator is needed to store the food produced by your dining hall.
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Remember to collect your rewards for completed missions. There is a very strong enemy ahead, commander! Build a gym and train your fighters. Make sure they are well equipped.
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