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Game basics: when the energy is full, the images will light up. Tap the image to release the ultimate skill of the avatar. To rescue all mankind, we need more avatars to help us - use gem summon. Dragon slayer is an avatar shield. When placed in the front, he can absorb damage. Every heroes has its own element, and there is element restrain among all the elemetns.

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When an avatar is attacking the restrained hero, 20% extra damage will be dealt. As long as the combinations of formation and element restrain are mastered, you will be able to pull off a victory. When you go offline, the characters will accumulate AFK rewards with the maximum of 12 hours. Don’t forget to claim! Tap auto so that all the avatars you deployed will automatically release their ultimate skills when the energy is full.

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Event interface - a place where all kinds of events are gathered and where you can obtain plenteous rewards. Limit of purchasing packs will be refreshed at 8:00 AM every monday. Recharge any amount to unleash the power of Goddess of snow for great packs. The monsters in chapter 1 are quire powerful. Try to change the avatars chosen or their positions to challenge again.
Zero Fiction wiki
Tap a character’s head icon button to attack. Available action times will count down 1 by every attack, and the character can not attack when it is 0. When turn start all character’s available action times will reset. Tap the target select button to change target to attack. When enemy’s HP is lower than a tag HP percentage, the enemy will trigger a special attack.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Different species are able to restrain each other.
  • When a character has remained available action times and it's SP gauge is maximum, swipe up to cast skill.
  • You will get several upgrade points depend on the stage cleared rank. Use the upgrade point to upgrade characters' abilities.
  • When stage is cleared, all alive heroes will be healed with a certain percentage of maximum HP based on cleared rank.

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Hack cheats tutorial Zero Fiction(wiki): The world has been changed, and lots of monsters from different world appeared. Girls from the other world began to investigate the reason of these changes. Control your squad to defeat the enemies, perform fancy combos to improve combo evaluation, strengthen the characters, and solve the problem of the world! Why the world has been changed is actually......
Zero Fiction tutorial

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Choose your faction: joe - fight against anarchy and safeguard civilization. Cobra - take you place in shaping the new world order.
Troops: vamp - fast moving light vehicle with a turret usable by any hero.
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Some buildings generate gear, such as minerals, oil and intel. Make sure to collect gear often so attackers don’t make off with them! Buildings can be upgraded over time by using oil, or instantly using diamonds. You should remember to upgrade your squad. Make sure to assign a leader for the battle. Join an alliance to combine forces with other joes to fight the enemy.

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