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On the third day, the city became very dangerous, almost impossible to survive. When i realized that my neighbor was not coming back, i broke into his apartment. There i took his sawed off shotgun. He often boasted about it when he was drunk. I also found a pack of bullets, and i left a little more confident. Frankly, i did not want to know what happened and why peaceful people turned into bloodthirsty monsters on the streets.
Was it a virus or biological weapon, aliens maybe? It did not matter to me! I was more concerned about my survival. I knew that zombies would eventually come for me and then i had to fight for my life.

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Use the selected area to move left and right. Tap empty area to shoot. Wait for the sight icon to appear to hit the zombie for sure. You can deal the maximum damage when the sight icon turns green. Follow the goals of the mission.
Mission 2: i was lucky to find grenades and a pistol in a broken army Humvee, so i had higher chances of survival. I planned to leave the city as quickly as possible and hope there were fewer zombies in the forest outside the city. The streets were impassible, so i had to move on foot. However, it was rather difficult. There were zombies everywhere. Zombies mutated into different dangerous, bloodthirsty types. Also zombie dogs roamed the streets.

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Dog - a quick, agile zombie with poor health. It is best to kill them a shotgun or machine gun. Click the grenade icon to destroy the crowd of zombies.

Mission 3: Sometimes i saw military helicopters circling above the city.
However, they were not here on a rescue mission: on the opposite, they hammered the streets with machine gun fire killing as many zombies as they could. I preferred staying away from the most dangerous areas and often moved around by the subway tunnels despite higher chances of running into a zombie them: it was hard to shoot through their fat bellies padded with flesh. Through it was much easier to get rid of them using a pistol.

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Mission 4: i ran and took cover behind the car, shot at zombies and reloaded weapons. I understood that it was too risky to push my way through. Dead men do not forgive mistakes! I learnt to look for covers, hide in shelters, check the surrounding, shoot enemies fro the safe distance, and take a bream.
However, staying in the hideout for long was not an option: shooting attracted new zombies to the street, and they tried to surround me and reach me from the back. It was beyond my human powers to fight a war on two fronts.

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  • Use different weapons against different types of zombies. Choose a second weapon by clicking the weapon change icon.
  • Pistols are more effectives against the fatties.
  • Go to any object to stop in front of it. If there are no zombies near, reload the weapon before it's too late! Watch the timer for zombies approaching from your back. Leave the shelter on time!
  • Use shelter to receive a bonus reward!
  • Pick up boxes with ammunition to be prepared facing an enemy!

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Tutorial Zombeast(wiki):
  • Learn the weaknesses of the enemies in the Bestiary.
  • Take daily missions to earn more coins! Daily missions and endless run will be unlocked after mission 12.
  • Complete missions to discover new locations and weapons!
  • Hide behind shelters to avoid the mobs of bloodthirsty zombies
  • Wait until the scope turns green to inflict maximum damage.
  • Stop behind the objects to shoot zombies from cover and reload the weapon.

Zombeast tutorial
Bestiary: skiny - ordinary, unremarkable zombies, there are millions of them after infection. Vulnerable to shotguns. Fat - a bloated, clumsy zombie - shotguns are useless - pallets get stuck in fat. better use guns and machine guns. Alpha dog - an old, slow zombie dog. However, it is dangerous because it call other dogs! Kill the Alpha dog from a distance before it starts howling! Stalker - a dangerous invisible zombie. Sometimes it is visible for a short time. Kill it when you see it! Or shoot at random - when injured, the invisible zombies lose its invisibility. Use shotguns agains Stalker.

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fix error with the server, bugs, lags, crashes. Mission 5: during the first days, i managed to stock up on all sorts of ammunition at the local police station - bullets, useful equipment and, of course, special uniform including the gloves to protect me from accidental contact with the blood of the zombies. I did not meet any other survivors after the first 4-5 days, although i heard shots in the distance. I decided to stay away from the fellow human beings: they could be even more dangerous.
I scavenged the streets for anything useful. Sometimes i Was lucky to find better weapons on the streets.
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Mission 6: unfortunately, i did not find ammo for the pump shotgun and decided to throw it away because it was too heavy to carry around. By the way, my sawn off was not so bad. I underestimated its value at the beginning. The only drawback was that it had to be reloaded too often; otherwise, it would have been perfect. Soon i found out that i had to use different weapons against different zombies. My sawn-off turned out to great for killing the Skinnies and pistols was effective against Fatties. As they say: each patient needs individual treatment. Google Play Download ► how and where enter
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