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Free hack Zombie Battleground cheats code list - gold, crates, legendary card, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Zombie Battleground cheat world: you must be tired from your travels - sit, drink, relax and let's play a few rounds. I'm cheat-on - a pleasure. Notice your Goo bottles on the left - that's your fuel. You'll need that to power your zombies in order to move them from your hand to the battleground.

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Each zombie has a Goo cost, let's drag your first card into the battleground. Don't worry, i filled up your goo so you can drop a powerful General. Notice the zZz - that means your zombie needs to rest until it activates in the next turn. Now that you're done with your turn, you can press the end turn button, right there on the right.

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Each player, in their turn, will draw zombies to the battleground. Let's drag your zombie onto the enemy zombie so we can attack him. Notice that your attack value is deducted from the enemy zombie's defense value. Your opponent will try to kill your zombies as well, so you have to plna your moves.

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The main goal is to beat the enemy Overlord, the first one to do so wins the match, no matter how many zombies are on the battleground. Feral zombies are a little weaker, but they are super fast - they can attack as soon as they land in the battleground. You can attack your opponent's Overlord immediately.

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