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Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US

Hello, I'm a scientist. I summoned you to this world. My adventurer, Let's start a trip now! Be the strongest winner. An unknown virus invaded our world, making the residents and plants here mutated. We need you to save our home. You must summon the sane survivors, and command them to defeat the mad plants and zonbies. I'll help you too. Tap Bar to unlock the Card Recruitment mode! Recruit the strong cards to strengthen the faction now! Normal Get 1-star to 5-star cards. Advanced Get 3-star to 5-star cards! Gain a 5-star card in 30 pulls.

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Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US