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Hack Zombie Hero: cheat List
100 hero shards - use hack #Zv86zAo3i
100 tech card - enter pass #Wrupi4gtV
100kk gold coins - #cSVkjhcaZ
500k experience - #ocrcIxlwB
recruit x10 - #5KYVVy5Hn
instant (speed up) - #j7mGbEdz8
1 Month Card code - #onn35YPsc
upgrade cheat - #AkLkIrEu5
10000 gems - #7aeXX1sxQ
weekly gift bag - #YyPdsFfhg
secret combination - #PEjsqrZ7m
level up - #BcWusKzFF
5 legendary heroes - #fbyjHPzms
5 orange gear - #yE1EvQXVj
special reward - #RRRRGUEp2
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
First battle went well. Tap "quest guide" to claim your rewards. Tap "quest guide" again to start the next quest. We've encountered a new kind of zombie we've never seen before. They move slowly but hold a riot shield, significantly reducing incoming gun damage. Be on your squad. Pay attention to the characteristics of this monster and choose the right hero to defeat it.
The building up ahead is the Dawn's base, this is bad! We've got incoming zombies. We must first secure the basic needs for our survival, then find a way out.
Zombie Hero Hack Basics
You've cleared out all remaining zombies inside the police station. Tap to repair, and you can view the details of this building. Tap the upgrade button to level up this building. You can hold the button to level up multiple times. Dispatch your heroes to garrison inside a building to increase its benefit.
We need to train our heroes fast. Tap the hero button to open their info tab. Tap the upgrade button to level up your character and make them more powerful. Tap fast equip to equip all kinds of tactical gears and increase unit's stats.
Hint & Tips
1. You can increase a hero's power by synthesizing new gears.
2. AFK time card - it is used to improve your AFK time technology and increase the duration of your AFK benefits.
3. Log in for 7 days and get legendary hero for free. Log in every day to claim numerous rewards.
Deadly snipe - shoots 3 penetrating bullets which deal damage to targets in its path.
Air support - shoots a flare that removes enemy invisibility, and deals damage to targets within range.
Fatal Venom - creates a pool of venom, deals sustained damage to targets in the range, and clears the backblood state.
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date23 September 2020
Last Modified23 September 2020
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