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Welcome to our town! This is the safest place for miles around! I am glad that we are finally opening a shop! This is one of the essentials for survival. And you're going to be in charge! The job's not easy, but it's truly rewarding! Me and our masters and workers will help you get settled. By the way! Please, meet Will, our mechanic. You won't anyone as good with metal as him in the whole...[town?] I'm going to help you get the hang of things here. Here's a blueprint from me and some metal from my brother. Use it for production! Town matters won't let me sit still even for a second. There's tons to do, especially after that accident at the Recycling Station. Anyway: see you soon!

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hack Zombie Shop Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): And here is the first customer! Let's not keep her waiting. Congrats on your first sale! You're doing quite well, so here's a couple of items for sale and another blueprint. That's more serious than a knife, you know! I'm gonna get going now. Someone's gotta oversee all the production! By the way, try to engage in some small talk with a customer or give them a discount. You'll like what comes of it! Happy training, my friend!

cheat Step #2: It'll hardly hurt to expand production somewhat. How about unlocking another slot? And here is the new outfit! Looks stylish, huh? The best hang it nicely for proper display. Actually, this store can do with a new mannequin! The suit looks great on this mannequin, you agree? Oh dear, I almost forgot! Here is another blueprint. I'm afraid it's a little more complex; you'll be needing blanks to start production this time. I have a few, by the way. So are we unlocking this blueprint or what?

code Step #3:Ah, this item also uses a few special components in production. You can find them by sending squads on Supply Runs where the damn brain-munchers now roam. By the way: I know someone who can help you out with this task! One of my friends was planning on visiting our town's first shop anyway. She sure knows how to send a pack or two of zombies fleeing!

Zombie Shop Step #4: Supply Runs take a while, but I've got little time to spare and tons of things to do. How about we speed up this run and claim the reward now? Excellent! We now have the right component at hand, so production can begin! Ah, and it looks like your trade is picking up! What do you say to expanding your shop?

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  • An excellent Supply Run! Must undertake these more often! By the way, during my latest Supply Run, I've found something that might be of use to our Preppers. Consider it my gift for the chance to stretch my legs a little. How about equipping a Prepper with it? That's better! The higher the qualityof eq2uipment our Preppers use, the greater the chance of a successful Supply Run. Well, it's been nice chatting to you. but I gotta go. Recruits won't train themselves, right? See you later!
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