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1. FLpbVTmBuo - lucky box
2. S6Qc1z8UD2 - energy
3. bfOgWEjS0u - secret mode
4. XsIiB7lWuf - luxury bag
Zombie alert! Defense breach in the southern sector! Tap a group of tiles to attack the monsters. Tap the hero to use their ability. A group of 5 tiles turns into a rocket. Tap the rocket to blow up the whole row of tiles. Warrior’s ability deals damage to all enemies. A group of 6 tiles turns into a mine.

Zombie Blast Squad hack

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Tap the mine to blow up the tiles around it. A group of 7 tiles turns into a super grenade. Tap the super grenade to blow up the tiles of the same color. The circle under the zombie shows its vulnerability to a certain color. Defeat the rest of the zombies and don’t forget about their vulnerability.

Zombie Blast Squad cheats android, ios hack codes

1. ig8rg20fWO - level up
2. vOiTSo7h9o - voucher
3. jC1Y67CZFV - shard
4. t6mUEbNMvf - artifact
5. JaLxpBouWQ - honor

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Structures: farm - produces the food required for hero upgrades, production and expeditions. Workshop - produces materials, required for upgrading the base. Lab - allows you to produce items that will help you in the battle against the enemy. Helipad - allows you to send scouts on expeditions for flux and valuable resources.
Zombie Blast Squad wiki
Radio tower allows you to send out the SOS signal and get new heroes and resources to upgrade them! Tap the pin to collect materials, produced in the workshop. Use the materials to build a helipad. Food is required to send an expedition. Remember, defense reduces the damage suffered by the hero.

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1 Ggc0pLkgon upgrade
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3 8W2yhe1CXd resources
4 AYCX6x9MVW promo code
5 lvpUK8ijXy gift box
6 QYpt2cyfN0 gold coins
7 lMWcdcu2Dz month card
8 oyl0Vl60FT premium pack
9 4RiKb6otsE flux
10 mIxwxniiHo vip ticket
11 iVxozaCWLY summon

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Use of consumable items or hero abilities does no make you lose a turn.
  • Assemble a team of heroes, enjoy action RPG puzzles.
  • Explore the post apocalypse world, build your own fortress.
  • Champions of Post-Apocalypse: mercenaries and rock stars, gunslingers and cyborgs, dozens of awesome heroes with special powers are yours to collect and level up!

Zombie Blast Squad tips
Hack cheats tutorial Zombie Blast Squad(wiki):
Discover and Conquer: an epic campaign of exploration awaits you! Fight through zombie-infested lands and defeat powerful bosses!
Your Home, Your Fortress: base building is an extra game mode; expand a survivor camp and turn it into a post-apoc castle!
Zombie Blast Squad tutorial

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2. 3fi3tUnwnS
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5. Xr2M4j6e0o

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