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May 12, 2026, a zombie virus broke out in Georgetown and turned the entire city to hell. Deborah and Miro will never forget that fateful day. Battle: Eliminate the pieces will make damage to the zombies. Eliminate same color pieces to restore hero rage. Release hero skills when rage is full. Eliminate 4 of the same colored pieces to generate a exploding piece.
After several battles, the Griddith family finally made it out of the city. They are driving towards their destination.

Zombie & Puzzle hack

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Griffith found a shelter, bit unfortunately no one is alive, the zombies are the master here now. We’ll have to protect ourselves and get rid of the zombies from here. This place is big with all walls intact, we can use it as our new home. We can even help more survivors if we have the chance.
Eliminate 5 of the same colored pieces to generate a lightning piece. DIfferent pieces will affect the damage of your attack in battle.

Zombie & Puzzle cheats, hack codes

The attack will weaken and only deliver half damage if your use blue pieces to attack green enemies. The element restraint information will always be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. heroes and enemies are divided into five fighting syles: courageous, prudent, guileful, imperturbable and impulsive, corresponding to five colours: red, green, blue, yellow and purple. Attacking a weak type of enemy with coloured can cause 200% damage, but will only cause 50% damage when attacking a powerful type enemy.
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After the battle we found some survivors, which can be accommodated by the shelter. We have completed a mission, time to claim the reward! While waiting for exploration energy to recover, you can also: upgrade or build a building, raid other players, use props to restore energy.

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