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ZOMBIE SURVIVAL Game story: year 2023, the world as we know started to meet its end... We poisoned the water. We polluted the air. We destroyed Mother earth. We were the virus of our planet. It’s now time we pay the price. New types of diseases appeared. Medicines became useless. Humankind is now closer to extinction than ever. Year 2025, P.E.A.C.E industries offered to the world a new vaccine called “Z”, invented by Dr. Akasha. By using “Z” regularly, people could live longer and immune to all diseases. A new era for humankind has begun...


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Year 2027, Z uses suddenly turned into zombies. They stabled towards the living to satiate their endless hunger. Three years after the apocalypse, human civilization has collapsed. The world has become the land of the dead. Controls: tap and drag the screen to aim, hold the fire button to shoot. More zombies are coming. We must get out of here before it’s too late.

ZOMBIE SURVIVAL cheats, hack codes

Base: we are low on fuel. Tap the gas station and choose build. Tap the resource icon to collect fuel. We have weak firepower. Get yourself a shotgun at the store. It’s efficient at close range. We need materials to strengthen our base. Please go with me to the city to find some. Need more action? Let’s find out how much we can find this time! The deeper into the city, the tougher the zombies. We need to upgrade our gun before we can start!
Completing quests gives you bonus rewards! Let’s see how we’re progressing. Karma reflects your good anad evil choices in the game. Karma affects random encounters, dialogues, etc. Search for equipment, food, and meds in the ruins of old cities. Found scrap can be only sold to the merchant.
Weapon: Upgrading increase the PWR of your weapon and some other stats. Attachments affect the stats of your weapon.

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Units: cleaner squad is a weaker unit under the empire camp. Most of the time the empire will only ask them to do some simple work, like plundering the poor.
Buildings: main base - is the command center of the whole city. Its level will impact the level and number of other buildings in city. As a primary defense target, its safety determines the battle result to a great extent.
QW7RfA - supply box
ueUUjr - treasure chest
wxacch - multiplayer
Yt7XNJ - vip status
e3Aw0p - star tokens
Hack KiFmxu - artifacts
Cheat dnuCSo - evade
ucofkg - elite ticket
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