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Right now, the city’s in pandemonium! The situation is worsening rapidly. The police behind the investigations have reported that a fatal virus may be spreading. We have breaking news. It has been discovered that the 4-star general Gerard self-ran an illegal bio weapon experimental project. I am your adjutant. You’ll do some simple training before carrying out your missions. Find zombies: number 2 refers to zombies surrounding the cube.

Zombie Sweeper hack

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Troops can be deployed on cubes by a blue pin. Characters can only be deployed on cubes with no zombies. Find the common cube indicates by 2 surrounding cubes showing the number 1. There are no enemies surrounding the cubes with number 0. The number on a cube is updated when a zombie is seeked out. You can deploy troops next to a cube marked 0 because it means there are no zombies. Troops can be deployed next to a 0 cube. One zombie is hidden next to a cube marked 1.

Zombie Sweeper cheats, hack codes

Press cube for 1 second to show guideline. I’ll tell you about guidelines that allow you to easily see cubes surrounding a number. Use the guideline to find enemies. Find multiple zombies first to perform a kill streak. You can view the mission details by touching the top interface. Now you seem to be very used to dealing with enemies. Mission requires you to kill zombies with kill streak! Perform a kill streak by seeking out 2 or more zombies before deploying a troop.
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We found a radio capable of requesting supplies: fuel, gold, parts, item. Zombie detector - finds enemies surrounding selected cube. Enhance functionality by upgrading. Rifle units - a team of ex-Navy with strengths in patrol, strategy, and tactics. Handgun units - a team that used to carry put special police patrol missions. A gile maneuvering is their characteristics.

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