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Hey, welcome back. Remember this? Yeah, it’s the United states of Zombieland. Remember when i said you can’t have a country without people? Guess what. There are people here. Which means maybe, just maybe, this could grow up to be a country once again. But for now, let’s visit our first Zombieland survivor. After each 10 upgrades, you can nut up! This gives a damage and health bonus and a skill point code. Go ahead and upgrade heroes until you can nut up.

Zombieland Double Tapper hack

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Nutting up gave billing 1 skill point. tap on his portrait to access his skill tree. The red dot means you reached a stage that grants a reward. You completed stage 1 and got a shotgun. This shotgun is more powerful than your default handgun, but it triggers less often. You can find new power weapons in equipment crates or as rewards for missions.
The meter is full? Now your hero can finally use the shotgun.

Zombieland Double Tapper cheats, hack codes

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Skill tier list: Fire alarm - taunts all enemies for 10 seconds. If equipped with a heavy melee weapon, uses it an kicks back all enemies in range. Death ray - summons a cold war satellite laser strike dealing primary weapon damage on the impact area. Soothe - health the teammate with lowest HP (including herself)
Zombieland Double Tapper wiki
Heroes: Helena is a healer. We have Billings, a tank, for protection, and houston as a damage dealer. Now we can start the next road trip. Billings - tank that enjoys buffing the team and crushing zombies at close range. Helena - more than just a healer, she’s able to speed up teammates’ revival. If you remember only one thing, remember this: tanks like Billings in front, support heroes like Helena in the back. Houston - powerful yet slow damage dealer, specialized in hitting multiple targets. Charlotte - rifle specialist whose greatest skill is to weaken zombies.

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Missions don't just tire your feet, they feed your brain, too. Now that you have enough nuggets of Wisdom, let's brainstorm some rules to help you survive.
G2a2ud - hero summon: call down a random hero to aid you in your journey.
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