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Years have passed since the zombie apocalypse. No human is left on this infected world. However, even while dead, people still fight for more lands to live in. And then there’ you... You will join me in my epic quest to be the new king! Alright boys! I’m gonna need all of you to pay attention! You guys are cards that i can place on the field. I can drag any one of you onto the field. Now all of you are getting out there! I really hope that we got our formation right! Prepare to engage!

Zombie Friends Idle hack

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The laut people are here, fight! We’re progressing too slow! If we want to rule the entire world, we need to fight better and faster than this! Fine, i’ll do this myself. My secret weapon cheat code - slingshot. Now i can tap anywhere on the screen to attack my enemies. It’s getting harder and harder. I can recruit more zombies after i charged my deck! Zombies will activate skills when i place the same card on themselves. All of my friends have unique skills of their own! It’s time we harvest brains from our enemies to grow stronger. Each time we kill an enemy they will drop brains!

Zombie Friends Idle cheats, hack codes

Once we collect enough brains, we can level up! Let’s increase our damage! I can click cheat code to level up and boost my attack!
Dog - we must catch it and get rare items! Remember, a good leader knows when to retreat. I am a good leader, yes i am! If we are unable to defeat the boss within time, we shall temporarily retreat. We will definitely come back and finish them off! Don’t worry guys, i have new ideas for our next advance. Meanwhile the other guys are preparing for retreat. Let me show you guys our goal! This is our conquest’s milestone!
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We will all be rewarded when we achieve them. So please complete them! The further we advance. I will figure out more ideas to improve ourself. We need to do better than that! New hero - this is Bro Chef! An expert at cooking, and most importantly, a rank that can support. Sit down and i’ll explain my grand plan! We are ready to from our squad properly this time! Let’s head over to the deck menu! This is where i get to decide on the squad. I can only bring a certain member of friends each time (any more than that and they will start arguing for no reason), but it’s fine!

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Zombies: Bro Chef - throws two knives that deals damage and reduce’s targets’ health by 15% for 5 seconds.
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