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Zoo Guardians Cheats
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How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
MissionWe're assembling a team of the brightest young minds of our generation. The mission: protect animals and save our world.
THe first step is choosing your team. Why don’t you talk to our Mentors and see where you fit in?
Dr. Singh - the senior curator of this zoo. As you will soon find, zoos are more than places to see animals. They help save species in a variety of ways.
Penn - are you the type to get stuff done and press on, no matter what stands in your way? Join team Polar.
Zoe - leader of team Savanna. You'd fit right in with us. We love saving species and making a difference.
Mac - believe that we must do absolutely everything to protect all animals from extinction! If you feel the same way, join team tropical forest.
We'll teach you how to run this zoo and care for animals, so that you can protect our world. You're just in time; we have a new friend that i'm sure you will want to meet.
Hint & tips
1. Arriving animals must go through a quarantine process to make sure they're healthy and well before they join the zoo. We can speed up the process so the cheetah can get settled in quickly - use Zoo Guardians cheats codes, hack tools.
2. With the help of your device’s built in camera, AR photo mode brings your zoo animals into the real world. Once your polaroid develops, you'll receive a fun fact card for your animal.
3. In order to stay happy and healthy, animals must eat food every day! The food in your zoo comes from the commissary building. The commissary makes food until it runs out of space. Tap on bubble floating above the building to collect food, giving the commissary space to make more.
4. Once you have enough ZoolQ, you can upgrade your commissary to store more food, and make food quicker. It costs coins to keep your commissary running and making food. As you upgrade your commissary, it will make more food, but the price will increase.
I love all sorts of animals, but cheetahs have really popped up as a favorite for me. Please place her within the habitat and name her.
Placing animals: to place your first animal, you must transfer it from temporary housing. Tap on the purple clipboard and drag your animal into its habitat. Once you find the animal you want to place, drag it into a habitat. Once the animal is placed in the habitat, click the green button to place it.

Each animal will need food to thrive. Tap on the habitat to give food to the animal. When units are out of food, their wellness goes down and they stop gaining XP. It is our responsibility to look after the animals in our care!
Player level up
As you become a more experienced, you'll earn ZoolQ! You can earn ZoolQ by completing quests, using cheats, codes, Zoo Guardians hack tools, living up animals, and by relocating animals you have helped thrive. The higher ZoolQ you have, the more animals and features you'll unlock! To expand your zoo with new habitats and animals, tap on the conservation center icon.
Game menu:
Left menu - your goals as a Zoo Guardian can be found here. Open the player profile to see tutorials, fun fact cards, and settings. Open the conservation center to get new animals, habitats, support structures, enrichment items and other zoo items. To place an item, drag one from the conservation center into your Zoo! You can unlock more animals and items in the store by raising your ZoolQ rank. Earn ZoolQ by completing quests, use hack tools, cheat code, and ranking up your animals.
Adopt tropical forest species
Habitats can support multiple species at once. Be careful through - pairing the wrong species together can lead to fighting! When animals fight, one of them always ends up in the hospital. You will need to wait for the animal to recover and pay a fee for it to be released from the hospital. The only way to avoid fighting in a multi species habitat is to keep a close watch on your animal. Make sure that the animals you put together won't want to fight each other.
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