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The zoo opens today, i’m so excited! You promised i could come with, remember? Let’s go, tap on enter button! Ohh, the cute little rabbits are already hopping around! I really want to see this place filled up with all kinds of animals. Mr. Teddy does too. Tap cheats menu to take care of animals. You can get lots of cute animals and food by opening the crates. The “i” button will show you what chances there are of drawing which animals. Just no creepy crawlies, please...

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If you want to remove the animal from the enclosure, tap on the red “X” button. And tap on the animal in the inventory to let the furry rascal run free. If the animals are hungry, they’re hangry. Feed them regularly and they’ll generate more coins! And not only that... An animal with a full belly is an animal that can be upgraded! You’ll just need to get them an animal friend of the same level and kind, but opposite gender. Select an animal to mate with. Both the animals need to be well fed.

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Mom told me that when two animals love each other very much, they merge into one much stronger animal with a higher level that gives you more coins!
Skills: Socially awkward - unfortunately, you’re a fish out of water when it comes to social situations, and you seem to never know what to say.
Unpopular - unfortunately, you have no charisma and leave a hard time attracting animals to your sorties.
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Traits: Deep pockets - you have a skill for creating money out of thin air almost like a magician.
Good looking - because of your good looks the animals of the island seem to think that you can do no wrong and usually overlook your mistakes. However, you have poor taste and often times find yourself giving the wrong gifts to animals you are trying to woo.
Efficient - you have a knack for making things happen with the least amount of resources.
Empathy - you know the animals of the island like the back of your own hand, or paws, or claws and know what they need.

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