Characters Tier list - Fallout Shelter Online (SSR SR, abilities).

SSR hero Desdemona: power 11670. Abilities: Finale - burns all enemies 4 times, each time dealing 30% +600 of Desdemona's damage. The fewer the enemies, the more the damage. The skill damage is increased by 100% when there's only 1 enemy. Traits: human, energy attack, long range. Bond - commonwealth allies. Energy attack - attacking with energy weapons that can ignore the enemy's physical resistance.

SSR "Strong" character - power 10 605. Skill: Chaaaaarrge - drinks milk and focused, then charges the enemy, dealing at least 181% of Strong's damage plus 1618 additional damage to all enemies, the more damage Strong receives while focusing, the higher the additional damage. Traits: super mutant, physical attack, close combat. Bond - survivor. Fallout Shelter Online hack cheat code
SSR unit Maxson - power 10542. Abilities: Final judgment - blasts all the enemies 5 times, dealing 11% + 293 of Maxon's damage each time, plus 4 times of burning damage equal to 4% of the enemies' HP. The upper limit of the burning damage is 6243. Traits: human, energy attack, long range. Bond - brotherhood of steel.

SSR hero Sarah - power 10316. Abilities: Experimental MIRV - deals 197% +1323 of Sarah's damage to all enemies, and maker their physical resistance - 2187 points and their energy resistance -2187 points for 7 seconds. Traits: human, physical attack, mid - range. Bond - brotherhood of steel.

SR character Madison - power 8764. Abilities: medical bot - places a medical robot to heal all friendly units 2 times, each time healing the amount of HP equal to 190% of Madison LI's damage plus 1375 extra points, also removes 50% of their radiation. Perk: charged healing, fortitude. Bond - institute (when bonded dwellers are deployed together in combat: 2 companions +15% damage to humans; 5 companions +10 physical resistance; 5 hero and 3 full stats +15% energy resistance.
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SR hero Moira - abilities: gas bottle - throws a poison gas bottle, dealing 180% of Moira's damage plus 50 additional damage to all enemies, decreasing their damage by 17 and hit rate by 20 for 6 seconds. Perks: Fortitude, exploding ammo. Bond - sole survivor.

Sr character MacCready - abilities: deals 170% damage to the enemy with the lowest HP, has a 30% chance of dealing 100% additional damage. Perk: strong, killing bonus. Bond - goodneighbor.

SR dweller Deacon - is a senior of the Railroad. Based on reliable intel, he once lived in University point until his Synth wife was killed. Though he seems like a nice guy easy to get close to, he is actually extremely thoughtful and does not trust anyone easily. Skill: liberator gunfire - applies a small range attack to the enemy with the lowest HP, dealing damage, with a 50% chance to deal 150% damage.
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SR character Alien: info - this alien stranding in front of us just climber out of a fallen UFO not long ago. He was really confused and we couldn't communicate with him using our language. He had no intention of leaving through so we decided to let him stay in the Vault for the time being. Skill: alienware - increases crit by 31 and damage by 5% for 8 seconds.

SSR hero Danse: info - is a recon squared leader in the Brotherhood of steel fully committed to his job, earning the respects from Elder Maxson and other members. However, Danse is actually a 3rd gen Synth created by the institute. All his memories from rivet city were fake and implanted. Abilities: overcharged shot - deals 162% damage plus 188 additional damage to execute the enemy with the lowest HP. If the enemy is eliminated, Danse gains 50% more maximum AP.

SSR dweller Fallout Shelter Online Preston: info -joined the Minutemen led by colonel Horus when he was 17. In 2287 Preston participated a quest to support Quincy in the quincy Massacre. After the Minutemen were abliterated he led the surviving refugees to Concord and tried to reorganize the Minutemen. Abilities: Waving Banner - Calls upon his soldiers to attack a random target 9 times, each attack deals 31% damage each time, and reduces the target's energy and physical resistance.
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