Characters Tier list - Shadow fight 3 (skills faction).

Ability list: Amplification - first shadow ability used after entering shadow form inflicts 60% more damage.
Deterrence - burns enemy's shadow energy at the amount of 80% of damage dealt.
Vaporization - the more shadow energy your enemy has, the more damage you inflict. Damage raises up to 37%.
Shadow affinity - at the beginning of each round your gain 17$ of shadow energy.
Charge - gain 25% of damage received as shadow energy.
Accumulation - gain 35% of critical hit damage.
Transfusion - abilities recover health equal to 45% of the damage dealt.
Critical mass - critical hit chance grows by 17% with each unblocked attack.
Aphotic barrier - after exiting the shadow form defence increases by 75% for 5 seconds.
Breacher - a 44% chance to deal full damage through enemy block.
Burn - a 10% chance to cause your enemy to lose health and energy equal to 90% of your attack damage.
Backstabber - ignore your opponent's block and deal 100% additional damage when attacking from behind.
Dynasty - rapid weapon styles, attack combos affect the damage.
Heralds - precise weapon styles, high critical chance.

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Author: Solarios