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    I will tell you about quest. This will help on your growth, lord. Quest is a well organized list of what have to be done for your growth. Also, you can get many rewards through it. Daily mission and weekly mission can be repeated periodically. But, after the period limit, it will reset. If achievement point accumulates through the quest, you can earn rewards in the cumulative rewards chest. You can receive reinforcement buff when hero star condition is satisfied.
    Fatima - arvabin, the town where everyone loves dance. If you ask who is the most famous dancer there, seven of the ten will shout Fatima. The dance she has the most confidence is the sword dance with Katana in both have indecent desires for her, you will be killed by her graceful sword dancing, not even knowing that your heart has been pierced with her sword. OOrt - she was originally the most beautiful and greatest of the angels, and the most beloved of the gods. However, because she was in arrogance and tried to take God’s place, she was expelled from the heaven thrown into hell. But as she was strong enoug to challenge God, she defeated all the demons and became a monarch of hell. From then on, after a period of eternity… Oort, who had been in control of hell for so many years, began to feel bored and eventually came down to the human world.

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    Knute is Morgoth’s the first subordinate who was created with the fragments of Morgoth’s source. Highly satisfied with his first creation, Morgoth even passed “blood carnival”, which become stronger by drinking blood, to Knute. Knute is Morgoth’s the first priest and commander in chief, directly involved in all major events. Emperor Herald of the Arsen and Henry the elder died in his hands. Charles - master of sword. Swordswoman from the Rachelle family. Born in Rachelle family, the most famous family for sword, Charles showed her natural talent and passion for swords since she was a child. Once , her father gave her a large doll for Charles’ 11th birthday. Charles happily accepted the gift from her father and used it to practice her stabbing. her father, who had seen her talent, turned her into an exceptional knight, not a common girl.

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    Tips: you again won the battle, but you may have felt that your enemies are getting stronger. So we need to be stronger. too. Not only each hero’s stat is important, but also good gears matter for the victory. I will first teach you the basics of using gears. Inventory - this is where you can see the detailed information of hero. Gear button that we need to see now is in the bottom.There are gears that have been acquired as trophy in adventure battle. If you order auto equip, i will put on the best gear for you. Complete all stages with 3 stars and earn to the last reward chest, which will greatly help your growth. If you have enough fragments of heroes that you do not have, the summon button will appear. However, because their level is lower than other colleagues, it seems to be a problem for the new colleague to participate in the battle now. Fortunately, there are experience potion that can help quick level up. Hero level can not be higher than lord level.

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    1. y0bHRx1Rnp - gold coins
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    4. 5hK83ptQkM - epic gear
    5. G5ekJgHwJE - weapon
    6. IO5bPZUFWJ - ticket cupon
    7. Y4DLLrqAGZ - secret gameplay

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