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Game menu: Battle level Skills Quests activity & achievements

Battle level
You can raise your battle level by earning battle experience to earn even better rewards. if you have a battle pass on top of that, you will get even more additional rewards. You cna also use level up items to quickly increase your battle level. Battle levels and passes are reset when the season is over. So make sure to get the most out of both during the season.

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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!

Skills are necessary to face enemies, so i'll teach you about the skill page now. You can change the type and order of slotted skills. Get more skill types and slots as you level up. Fill all the slots using auto equip. Of course, it's fine to choose the skills that you like best yourself. You can have presets ready for different situations. Skill information can be found by tapping preview skill. Don't forget - use skills effectively, and victory is yours.


Our journey is guided by quests. Let's look at the main quests first. You can view your main quest progression so far. This is your journey towards saving the world and the recorded history of your growth. Complete the progress quests in order to move to the next region. Progress quests have recommended combat power, so check that before attempting them. Your fame increases when you complete region quests. If you have enough fame, you can start special region quests. Special quests have great rewards, so let's look at them next. Tap a special quest's move button to go to its starting location. Super quests appear when certain conditions are met during your journey. You cn earn gold, experience, and enhancement stones as rewards, so make sure to complete them. There will be times when a powerful enemy blocks your way forward. At those moments, you'll receive support quests, and you can use the rewards to improve yourself.

activity & achievements

activity & achievements: Receive a fixed amount of points and gold for completing today's activity. You'll get rewards that will help your growth based on how much EXP you earn. Claim all of the completed achievement rewards by tapping claim all.
You can complete achievements in a variety of ways. Based on how many you complete, your grade and stat bonuses will increase. Each achievement ahs completion conditions and a number of times it can be done. Complete achievements to earn experience and other various rewards. Claim all of the completed achievement rewards by tapping claim all. As you gain achievement experience, your achievement grade increases. Your stats will increase based on your grade. Be sure to complete achievements regularly since the rewards include items and stat increases.
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