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Cheat Akuma Note hack android, ios code

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Hack Akuma Note: cheat List
sweep - use hack LjL1EVid7
refil energy - enter pass RZdvTylmW
talent points - LEl51ujHs
achievement points - T0leh7q19
skins - ktuNZ6JX6
rank up - DgE6Qisbh
Month Card x1 - tPolhC8o5
upgrade - 395Ysq4Py
daily gift bag x10 - wLIWUwR45
secret combination - 5Nih6eTa7
level up - FY1VbntzL
souls - TOBcflShf
SSR Akuma - s2HDkAXet
gold - 89ABJn8r1
gems - 0HRo97C9S
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
Life force comes from all matter. With good and bad...some of these turns into Akuma. Living amongst people, creating chaos to mankind. Summoner with latent potential gather to train in the arts of subjugation in hopes of bringing peace to humanity. The art of subjugation links the two minds into one. Those that master the art are known as Onmyouji.
Akuma Note Hack Basics
All you need to do is complete the missions available. If you want to get more Akuma, you will need to rely on your own strength. Train hard and you will do fine.
The story mode - an evil aura, enemy come from the negative emotions gathering. When such negative energy persist over time, Akuma will appear! Not all Akuma are evil, and there are different kinds. Mid row is suitable for offensive. The turn order of the units will be displayed on the action bar. It will become easier when you get more characters. Complete your first mission and collect the reward.
Akuma Note Hint & Tips
1. Units in the front row will protect the team. The number determines the order of action.
2. It is time to get ome new talent for our Akuma. Talents empowers each characters to become more powerful. Every talent has a Yin and Yang component which gives a different bonus. Take a closer look at the talent description and you will have a better understanding.
3. The connection between the Onmyouji and the Akuma relies on a paper doll. Place the paper doll into the summoning array. Then place an elemental amulet to assist your summoning. The elemental amulet will target the type of akuma you will summon. By combining different types of elemental amulets, you may get special summons (or use hack tools menu - enter cheat code). If you are lucky to get an SR or SSR, there will be a waiting time before you can get it. SR and SSR Akuma are stronger, the waiting time is for them to get their powers.
4. You can level up your character with some materials so that they become stronger.
Akuma Note Talents (yin & Yang)
Holy flame slash - deal 100% damage to target enemy in the front row and get 1 spirit. Bifang’s spirit capacity increases to 99 points. Yin - At the same time, it deals 80% damage to all enemies in the front row and gains spirit base on the number of hits. Yang - increase damage to 130% and get 2 spirit.
Mini Hurricane Punch - attack target enemy in front row dealing 25% damage for 4 turns and get 1 spirit. Yin - increase damage to 35%.
Hack tools Version
Akuma Note Redeem gift code
1. XRrkkjsDwGTFFOp
2. HkZDKScQn3h1puY
3. HCcUMglkosS5R8Q
4. rbctJlNEr8jubUx
5. ObggErXM8pUPWbU
Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date21 October 2020
Last Modified21 October 2020
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