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Cheat Bird's Forest hack android, ios code

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Hack Bird's Forest: cheat List
seeds - use hack P1WNLVZYN
coins - enter pass 02HVMGHdC
full game - lMES6qi5f
coins - 2kupOcrCr
toys - e6VyZBjAK
happiness - N18l0gcHl
Month Card x1 - RUoRM9PpE
upgrade - YrCZQw07V
daily gift bag x10 - K2oXxjweq
secret combination - 6HkExaAIY
level up - lP4oq0kPn
new birds - SWrIbFnAw
off ads - xunqrWh7H
hint - 12WhScLJP
eggs - 0EuQkHf4O
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Game story
The wood mountain is a forest that has never been explored. Birds here are sealed in the daytime shadows. You need to capture them to remove the seals of them, and discover the diverse moments of the wood mountain. Your journey is ready to begin.
Bird's Forest Hack Basics
Collect seeds on the ground. Seeds can be used as baits, or in exchange for other food baits. Seeds can also be used in exchange for equipment. Wait for the bird and click "attack" button to drop the basket. The captured birds will appear in the bird's gallery, and become puzzles. Puzzles: click to rotate, then drag to the correct position. Complete bird puzzles to unlock new moments. Press and hold to let the birds land on your hand, collect the bookmarks and drawing they bring to you, print and make them into your exclusive works.
Hint & Tips
1. Some birds only appear at a specific moments.
2. Moments changing, enter each moment scene to collect puzzle pieces.
3. THe puzzle pieces will fall from the recovered birds, catch the pieces.
4. Combine the collected puzzle pieces into a complete painting, each piece get a chance to win coins or seeds. You can also collect coins in the forest.
5. Coins can be used in the toy egg machine. Each toy has a unique magic effect that will restore its magical power when moment changes.
6. Birds are happy when they interact with toys. Collect their happiness to form a complete view of the wood mountain, and challenge the extreme puzzle game.
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Bird's Forest Redeem gift code
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5. Ct8qn7jCn296e3w
Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date20 October 2020
Last Modified20 October 2020
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