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Cheat Demonrift TD hack android, ios code

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Hack Demonrift TD: cheat List
gold - use hack whuM94j7z
Royal Seal - enter pass eJerAKayl
Gold Hourglass - JZGIqRBLt
Blue Time Relics Package - PjLZkO8jA
Mountain of Gold - OAZaTxPio
premium tower - O5f7viqV7
Month Card x1 - ec2KLhT6y
upgrade - 2vcTascS3
daily gift bag x10 - bFZzKYW3o
secret combination - OKOkVxhJn
level up - an9j8n4uF
legendary hero - 4vDABv2cz
gems - CquDJ9k4x
evolve - XJr8sV92R
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
Welcome to a brand new true RPG tower defense game. Lets begin by defending Marshland, use your finger to navigate around the world ,ap then tap on Marshaland to begin.
The city is under siege! Demons will start swarming the battlefield and they will try to siege your castle. Your task is to prevent any demons from getting into the castle.
Command points are required to build and upgrade guilds. It will always continually increment over time. Guilds can only be placed on the provided buildspots on the map.
Demonrift TD Hack Basics
Let's try building a swordsman guild. Start by tapping the guild button to open the build interface. You can upgrade or disband a guild after placing it. Open the upgrade UI by tapping on the desired guild. You can also drag the UI to place it in the desired position. Upgrading a guild adds an extra unit under its control. Disbanding a guild gives you back 50% of the command points spent on it. Now experiments with building guilds at strategic buildspots to win stage. You can also replay previous difficulty level to gather gold and experience. You gain gold loot and experience from kills, but you will get no extra gold reward for winning replayed stages. However, theres a daily limit on how many times you may repeat a stage. When you went over the limits, your experience gain will be reduced by a certain percentage.
Hint & Tips
1. Melee unit deals more damage in a blow while archers deals more damage overtime because of their wide cover range.
2. Put your defender guilds strategically at important positions around the map.
3. If you got tired of watching ads get the royal seal for premium playing experience or use hack tools menu - enter cheat code.
4. Swordman can taunt enemies and protect other allies in battlefield.
5. As you earn new stars, new maps and venues will be unlocked.
6. Spend your gold wisely for equipping units that matters most in your current stage.
6. You can queue up guild operations when you don't have enough command points. Note that you can initially only queue 1 command. You can purchase more queu instances at the in app purchase shop.
7. Manage and purchase better equipment for your artillery at the foundry.
Killing monsters gives you EXP points which level up your units. But besides levelling up, you'll constantly need better equipment to win.
City banner turns red whed you need to level up your units to win the next stage for that map. However, you can still try and play the stage because even when you lose, you still gain EXP points. Orange banner means that you're almost meet the required stats for that stage. There is still a fair chance to win the stage if you apply a proper strategy.
Normally every equipments has different levels of qualities: broken < raw < normal < fine < enhanced < superior < flawless < legendary. Use the inventory button to switch equipment tabs to your inventory box. Items will always refresh every once in a while so keep coming back to the shop to check for new equipments.
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Demonrift TD Redeem gift code
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2. LHgcmIyjzS7XkpS
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5. SasALTde6vXQMqW
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date19 October 2020
Last Modified19 October 2020
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