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  • How to cook dishes correctly? Kitchen equipment. Any dish is prepared with the help of various equipment, apparatuses and devices. For example, hot dogs are fried on a hot dog roaster, French fries are cooked in a deep fryer, and soda is poured from a cola machine. To prepare a dish, just click on the desired ingredient, and it will automatically move to the inventory. The standard preparation of any dish takes a certain amount of time.

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    The number of ingredients in the kitchen is unlimited, and the amount of available inventory can be increased by pumping for coins. This will speed up the cooking process and give you the opportunity to cook more dishes at the same time. Slots for dishes. The number of slots for dishes determines how many ready meals you can simultaneously place in the kitchen and give out to visitors. For example, burgers are laid out on burger plates. Accordingly, the more burger plates there are in the kitchen, the more products you will be able to lay out for visitors and collect the necessary orders. This way you not only save cooking time, but also increase your income in coins. A similar rule applies to drinks, desserts and snacks. To increase the number of slots for dishes, make appropriate improvements or use Cooking City cheats.

    It is very important that the number of slots (plates) for a certain dish corresponds to the amount of kitchen equipment for its preparation. Otherwise, there is a high risk that due to the lack of slots, the dish will linger on the brazier and burn, which can lead to a failure of the level. Ingredients. Ingredients are what your dishes are made of. Visitors pay you coins for adding each ingredient. The total cost of a dish consists of the cost of all its ingredients. In order for visitors to pay you more, the ingredients must be pumped using Cooking City codes. This way you will be able to improve the quality of your dishes and make them more expensive, getting more benefits.

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    What to do with burnt food? Burnt food should be thrown in the trash. Double-clicking on the dish will throw it into the basket. This is a good solution when you cooked the wrong dish or accidentally burned something. Keep in mind that on some levels you will be forbidden to throw away food! Carefully read the conditions for passing the level.

    What should I do if visitors do not accept their order? A restaurant visitor can only be given the dish that he ordered. If you have prepared something, but the visitor refuses to accept it, carefully check which ingredients you have combined and what the visitor requires. It is quite possible that you have not added a certain ingredient or added an extra one. If you have prepared the wrong dish, double-tap it to throw it in the trash. Enter passwords through hacking the menu to facilitate the passage of the game.

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    Do not forget about the levels where there are spare plates for placing dishes. You can use them to make the right dishes.

    How to complete a task where you can't serve the wrong dishes? Complete this task by clicking only on completed orders requested by customers waiting at the counter. If you click on orders that customers have not requested, you will fail the level and lose energy. Some players use boost "Helper" to complete this mission.

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