Animal restaurant guide
  • Animal restaurant - beginners' guide.

    Hedwig's delivery compass: flowers, seeds, and watering cans can be matched up however you like. Different combinations will bring different surprises! Tips: Tap Hedwing, then drag items into Hedwig's item slots.

    About raising your star rating:
    1. Unlock facilities.
    2. Get letters.
    3. Have customers view flowers.
    4. Give staff raises.
    5. Make wishes.
    6. Gachapon machine.
    7. Complete order.
    8. Buy from the mysterious merchant.
    9. Drops from customers.
    10. Complete daily tasks.
    11. Gamble with the mouse.
    12. Complete achievements.
    13. Limited time events.
    14. Mementos.
    15. use hack Animal restaurant cheat codes

    About green plates:
    How to get:
    1. Drops from the Vending machine once every 24 hours.
    2. Work part time at other restaurants.
    3. Earn from certain booth owners after they set up their booth.
    4. Win from Gachapon.

    1. Unlocking buffer dishes.
    2. Unlocking the Gachapon.
    3. Stay turned for more.

    About completing orders:
    Once you've accepted an order, you only need to wait for the order's countdown to end, then go online in time to claim your cod!

    About orders expiry:
    Orders will remain for 24 hours after they have been completed. Remember to check back frequently when you have pending orders!
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