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  • Animal restaurant - about facilities.

    1. Will there be any issues if i skip levels when purchasing facilities?
    Yes, you can skip levels when purchasing facilities. However, unlocking some customers requires the corresponding facility to be unlocked. Also, except for flowerbed, the earning from the facilities are combined, so skipping levels will affect your earnings. Lastly, unlocking facilities will increase your star rating.

    2. Can i sell the facilities that i do not need?
    Currently, it is not possible to sell the facilities after unlocking them, but you can change them and customize your restaurant according to your preferences without affecting your earnings.

    3. What is Trophy wall?
    Trophy wall is a level 4 wall decor. You can go to the facility to view more details and unlock it.

    4. How are the earnings calculated based on facility effect?
    Except for Flowerbed, a facility's effect (e'g. tips increase, tips cap, star rating, etc) is calculated based on the combined effect of unlocked facilites of different levels.

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    6. Is the usage cap combined for facilities such as wishing well and Gachapon?
    Yes, they are. The usage cap for the Wishing Well and Gachapon is equal to the combined effect of unlocked facilities.
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