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  • Animal restaurant - about customers.

    1. Why am i unable to unlock some customers despite meeting the requirements?
    The customer will only appear in the restaurant after you meet the unlock requirements and they are counted as unlocked only after having a meal! Viewing flowers or making orders do not count. There is no fixed timing for their appearance! Promote more and hope that they will come to your restaurant.

    2. How do i reveal the unlock requirements for a customer?
    The unlock requirements for the mysterious customer is a secret. Some customers' unlock requirements will be revealed only after unlocking them. Interact with other players and discover them together.

    3. How do i chase away the cod-stealing rabbit?

    Tap on the mischieveous NPC repeatedly to chase them away. You can also hire Timmy the Server, he will assist you to a certain extent in chasing the troublesome customers away.

    4. Why are parrots/pandas/magicians/fortunetellers/salesmen not coming?
    Special customers come randomly and do not stay and eat, but they have special skills. You can wait for them in-game.

    5. How use hack Animal restaurant cheat codes

    6. Why is there a small tag on a customer?
    A small tag on a customer means that the customer came due to your promotions. THey do not have any special effect.
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