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    1. Can Prince the Gardener shorten the time needed for the flowers to bloom? When he waters the flower, he shortens the time needed by a few seconds. It may not be obvious but if does have effect.

    2. How do i long press promote/auto promote? Our beautiful Dori can help to promote the restaurant! After Dori is hired, you can press and hold the promote button. Giving Dori a raise will shorten the amount of time needed to attract customers.

    3. How do i get a letter? The gift that Hedwig brings can be stars, cod or letters. If Hedwig did not bring you the gift you want, you can try putting other combinations of items in Hedwig's item slots.

    4. How do i give Hedwig items? Tap the suitcase above Hedwig's head open it. After opening it, three boxes will appear. You can tap flowers, watering cans, or seeds to put them directly into the luggage slot, then tap to tick, and they'll be taken away! Different combinations of items will bring different surprises. Go check it out!

    5. How use hack Animal restaurant cheat codes

    6. How do i upgrade dishes? Upgrading a dish typically requires a permission to raise prices, which Hedwig can bring back. If a dish does not require permission and the price can be raised directly, you'll be notified by an exclamation point on the menu button. Upgrading Hedwig more so that she'll return faster.
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