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  • Animal restaurant - about the Courtyard.

    1. What is gather for? You have 3 free Gather chances each day, where you can gather 6-10 customers that you have already unlocked to visit the Courtyard. You can take pictures of the customers when they are visiting. After the gathering, each customer will gift you stars, cod, or Film. The type and quantity of reward is not related to the visiting customer.

    2. Will other restaurant staff be added to the Friends Board? How do you add them? Apart from Eggy, you can add other staff. You will need to discover which staff can be added. You will be able to discover staff accounts in the recommended friends board. Sometimes, staff will take the initiative to request to be your friend too.

    3. Do you need to increase the promo capabilities of the speaker in order? You can increase the capabilities in whichever order you like. Selections that have been increased will be replaced by new ones, while selections that have not been increased will remain in its original location.

    4. If it says that there are no Lucky bags when i tap on treasure hunt, does it mean that i have used up an attempt? You will not use any magnifying glasses if you tap on the magnifying glass and it prompts that there are no lucky bags.

    5. How use hack Animal restaurant cheat codes

    6. Which promo capabilities can be increased by the Speaker? What do they mean? The promo capabilities that can be increased currently are: chance of double the customers, promo tapping times -1, chance of getting yet to unlock customers, chance of getting customers from the town, chance of customers who want to view flowers visiting the restaurant.
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