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    1. How do i get white Roses? White roses are pretty rare, there are 3 ways to obtain them:
    1. Make a wish at your wishing well and white roses will randomly drop, so give it a few tries.
    2.Watch an ad when the mysterious merchant is here to refresh his goods. If white rose appears on the list, remember to buy it.
    3. Gachapon are filled with all kinds of great stuff. There is a chance of obtaining white roses by using it.

    2. How do i get Sakura/four-leaf clover/Mapple leaf/Snowflake? Sakura/four-leaf clover/Mapple leaf/Snowflake are season exclusives, you cna obtain them by making a wish at the wishing well during the specific periods below: Sakura (march to may), four-leaf clover (June to August), Maple leaf (September to November), Snowflake (december to february)

    3. Are there any differences between different wishing wells when trying to obtain white Rose? No. there is no difference. THe items in wishing well are refreshed and dropped randomly. However, you can upgrade a wishing well's level to increase the number of wishes you cna make and the quantity of items dropped.

    4. What are Sakura/four-leaf clover/Mapple leaf/Snowflake used for? They can unlock special customers. You can put them into Hedwig's suitcase and there will be a change for her to return with a mysterious letter.

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    6. Where can i find the vase? After unlocking the garden, the Garden table is an essential item, so head to the facility and purchase a garden table. There will be a vase on the garden table, you cna tap the flowers to put them into the vase. After viewing the flowers, the customers may randomly give you stars.
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